The pandemic completely changed my lifestyle, and I wanted to share how I adjusted. I am seeing alot of people really excited to ditch their kids back in school again. Not me. I miss my kids. At first the adjustment was hard for me, and periodically came in waves of good days and bad, which soon lessened to good hours and bad. Eventually it became a few bad minutes when I realized that I had to allow my children the dignity of their learning process.

For the first time, I really listened. I had my head up my ass working a high stress corporate job I deplored. This included long hours, set mindsets, and lack of trust within the environment to the cherry on top of the sundae I never asked for but agreed to.

I found that I was a victim when I had a job, and a victim when I did not. I realized quickly that life caught up on me and that I needed to learn and improve quickly to both stay with the times and simultaneously keep my sanity.

The worst part of the homeschooling experience was seeing the teachers disconnected from the kids and the collective group. It was like one was completely absent, reading the same scripts daily and checking the boxes quickly before signing out. I was disappointed and felt I failed my children. Soon after, I found the solution.

Authentic engagement.

I wasn’t authentically engaging with my children as much as I really wanted and needed. It wasn’t just to help them too, I realized that it helped me. This was mainly due to the duality of the nature of the inquisitive questions and the realities of our world today.

The key was listening. And really listening to respond. It turns out most people don’t want direction, they just want a sound board to figure it out themselves. So instead of forcing solutions, I let them play ball as I stepped back and asked questions after questions to help lead them to where they needed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I did the math and the grammar. I helped them artwork and turned on the video for kids yoga and dance class.

I was present. I was aware. I was active. I was mindful. I was terrified. Then I was done, but then soon remembered that this is a process without an end goal.

I learned more about what I personally stood for and what others around me stood for too.

I learned about the value of character in a leadership position, and the importance I never really truly understood what it held.

The infinite game is upon us, and we create our lives. No one else can create our lives if we let them, and becoming a creator while doing what was best for my schedule and well being helped me land grounded on my feet.

What challenges have you overcome during the pandemic?

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