Ethical leadership is a highly underrated skill that can make or break a company.

It relies on the good character of others and sets the tone for your players at bay.

Here are 8 pillars of ethical leadership.

  • Ethical leadership is positively and significantly related to employee performance according to Cornell studies.
  • An ethical leader demonstrates character, morals, and virtue in their work, focusing on the needs and rights of their employees.
  • Ethical leadership starts with the F-A-T-H-E-R Framework.  Fairness, Accountability, Trust, Honesty, Equality & Respect.
  • Ethics is saying, ‘This is how we ought to be looking at things, how it ought to be, and how we should improve,’ which is a real practitioner’s outlet,” he says. “We also have to be reflective in looking at what people have done in the past and the theories and concepts and ideas that are found in that philosophical notion of what it truly means to be wise.”
  • Dishonest behavior is a form of lying or misrepresenting reality. Dishonest behavior by leadership creates an atmosphere of mistrust and can lead to leadership being seen as not dependable. People will lose faith in dishonest leadership. As a result, it is critical for ethical leaders to behave with honesty.
  • A noble quality of a leader is leading by example. As an ethical leader, it’s important to remember that actions often speak louder than words. People are more likely to judge someone based on how they act, rather than what they say. By practicing and demonstrating the use of ethical, honest and unselfish behavior to subordinates, ethical leaders may begin to earn the respect of their peers. People may be more likely to follow a leader who respects others and shows integrity.
  • In the long-term, ethical leadership can prevent company scandals, ethical dilemmas, and ethical issues. It can also help organizations gain more partnerships and customers, which can lead to more money at the end of the day. Loyal employees are also a crucial element of long-term success for a business.
  • Respects everyone equally. Respect is a vital element of ethical responsibility. Leaders that are ethical will respect everyone, from their superiors to their employees, equally. Not showing respect to the people around you can quickly create a negative or hostile work environment. It’s a sure way to lose trust and create issues inside your organization. Not showing the same level of respect can make people think they’re being treated unfairly, and can cause even more problems in the workplace. 

Are ethics a priority in your company?

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