Happy Friday to you and yours!

The week is finally through, and it’s the freakin weekend as R Kelly would put it.

I wanted to share some interesting AdTech news from around the globe that you may find thought-provoking and important to your daily knowledge binge.

Here are some important technology news articles in our Today’s Interesting AdTech News segment today, and as P Diddy wouldnsay, Take that, take that!

Down the rabbit hole: As Facebook’s global 6 hour outage seems to be found as a DNS issue, it’s biggest outrage since 2008, they simultaneously fight to help teenagers thrive with their new algorithm improvements.

Bye, bye, bye: Twitter makes plans release it’s mobile ad platform to AppLovin for ~$1B. Some of you may remember this platform way back when, called MoPub. Is it worth the spend?

Stop and smell the roses (and the freshly cut grass): Sunday, the direct to consumer lawn care startup, raised $50m, bringing its total funding to $78m. Who knew a product that stirs up so much competition with the neighbors on the best and greenest front yards could soar like the squirrels in your trees?

Toxic Twitch is Toast: A genius hacker snuck into their source code and was able to pull secret sensitive earnings information and data. This feat exposes Twitch’s toxic white male culture and overall lenient rules into the pro-abusive bullying culture the platform has created. Twitcher’s worldwide applause the feat for many are sick and tired of their notorious hate bots that spew verbal diarhhea when someone is just trying to be themself (and probably get some much needed social media attention, and if they are extra lucky, more money in their pockets).

Netflix Snatches Up a Gaming Studio: The streaming giant Netflix announced it would acquire Night School Studios, an LA-based gaming company best known for its mystery-thriller game Oxenfree. Night School will be the first games studio to join the Netflix team. Following the deal, the studio plans to continue to work on a sequel to its hit game. 

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