If anyone is like me, a hot mess and a parent, then read on.

I have found that keeping a consistent schedule keeps the family in motion. There is a time to play, a time to work, and a time to rest. We only have a specific amount of minutes in our day, therefore using them with care is essential to our well being.

A thoughtful routine helps me feel in control, while giving me the structure to create with gentle care. I want to feel safe and consistent, so getting there is possible with a comfortable structure that makes me feel safe, loved and cared for.

The older I get, the better I understand that the more I give, the more I get. This is real. Having the conciousness, bravery and grit to engineer my own life is nothing less than a miracle. So much so, that I want to show you how to do it with my hour by hour schedule below.

6:00am Wake up + 5 minute mediation.

6:05am Get out of bed, hit bathroom.

6:10am Check emails or write article if inspired.

6:45am Twins wake up. They either do or don’t want to go to school, one gets ready for school, the other complains about it.

7am First global community work meeting and get ready to drop kids off.

730am End first meeting, eat light breakfast like banana and tea with soy milk.

735am Pack lunch and fill water bottles for kids, make breakfast for them.

8am Take kids to school.

830am Second global community work meeting.

845am Turn video call video off, make two eggs.

9am Walk around the neighborhood.

945am Shower, get ready for day.

10am Third global community work meeting.

11am Early lunch.

12pm – 1pm Fourth mentoring and coaching session.

1pm Drink Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Water, Honey mix drink.

1:10pm Housekeeping work check ins.

2pm Second meditation break.

3pm Writing and podcast.

4pm Kids pick up.

5pm Homework time.

6pm Dinner time.

7pm Bath time.

8pm Everybody chill time in their rooms. Game time, video time, decompress with ourselves separately for reflection.

9pm Nighty night

Who’s with me?

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