Ug.  It’s been tough starting the second round of the Whole30 diet.  This time around I had a few dinner parties to attend and blew it as I drank wine, plus my dinners out and about in town definitely had sugar somehow as the meat I ate was not uncured and organic.  On that note I am prepping for a restart tomorrow.  Buggers.

What was on my grocery list to restart?  Glad you asked!


  • Russet potatoes, for what you may ask?
    • I can always stab with a knife and put in the microwave for 10 minutes at work, bringing along Tessemae’s Ranch Dressing to top it with, along with some Himalayan pink salt.
    • I use these for mashed potatoes during the week.
    • I use these as roasted potatoes, french fries and/or potato chips during the week.
    • I use these as a breakfast potato hash.


  • Kale
    • I roast this in the oven for Kale Chips.
    • I use as a salad for lunch.
    • I use in a dinner side on the pan with olive oil.


  • Cherry Tomatoes
    • I use in the salads for lunch.
    • I use as a snack during the day raw.
    • I use as a side cut up for salsa, and dip with homemade plantain chips.


  • Plantains
    • I slice these up and either bake in the oven and use as chips or put them on the stovetop and eat them as a dessert.


  • Eggs
    • I eat 3 eggs every morning sunny side up.
    • I boil eggs as a salad topper if I am in the mood for it.


  • Grapes
    • Anytime snack.


  • Apples
    • Anytime snack.


  • Chicken Breast
    • Top it with garlic powder, black pepper, Himalayan Pink Salt, paprika, red chili flakes.


I can’t believe I blew it, but time to start again in the AM.  It is harder for me to start this because I already lost over 10 pounds so feeling better, but still not to my goal.  I have to imagine how I will look and feel after the weight loss, which is one:

  1. More confident.
  2. Pretty.
  3. Crazy.
  4. Sexy.
  5. Cool.

Did you get that TLC reference?  If not here you go:

Have a great night!