Trials and worry have been the norm in our daily lives, and inexhaustibly heightened in the pandemic. Fear does weird things to us. We come in fright, we flight, or we freeze. But some of us are ANGRY. Some of us are overwhelmed and outwardly aggressively mean to others, sitting in our deep sense of fear of what will be.

We can’t look at ourselves in the mirror anymore, and we’ve forgot how to give our fear and surrender it to the universe. Instead of beating my head up against the wall and bringing others down with me, I asked for help. I asked for help from strangers, I branched out like a tree as my roots expanded equally into the ground.

There’s some on-point GOD, NATURE, or a SPIRITUAL POWER memes out there that read the following:

  • Stay calm, I will get you through this.
  • I will provide. Trust me.
  • I heard you. Just be patient.
  • My child, you worry too much. I’ve got this remember.
  • I got this. You will prosper.
  • Believe in me. You will smile again.
  • Good morning, child. Your storm is over.
  • You will find peace.
  • You are forgiven.
  • You are safe with me.
  • You are loved.
  • I have a plan. Trust me.
  • I am so proud of you, keep going! I am going to bless you in so many unexpected ways. This is just the beginning.
  • Smile. I woke you up for a reason today.
  • I am not finished with you yet. Wait and see.

Here are things to give to GOD, NATURE, or a SPIRITUAL POWER:

  • Give God my day.
  • Give God my marriage.
  • Give God my children.
  • Give God my home.
  • Give God my mind.
  • Give God my friendships.

Things I need to stop doing:

  • Over-analyzing the past
  • Over-thinking the future
  • Thinking I am alone
  • Thinking I am hopeless
  • Thinking I am not worthy
  • Thinking I am not exactly where I am supposed to be

Have a good weekend, friends!

P.S. You can restart your day at anytime.

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