Good evening, all. I received this letter from Layla Foster at The Mom Project, who is a Senior Technical Recruiter there and a fellow mom. I thought this would help those on the prowl for a new job. You can contact them at and email them directly with your resume at Read on for more post pandemic inspiration below.


My introduction to The Mom Project was through a long-time friend who shared common values regarding motherhood, diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. We’d talk on the phone for hours through the years, brainstorming on shared interests in breaking down barriers.

As a woman of color, and at the time a mother of three and several months pregnant, my 10+ years of technical recruitment experience gave me a preview of what I could expect: REJECTION. The stigma and belief that any of the factors above may now or in the future create unreasonable expectations for a potential company or team to hire me—especially in the wake of the pandemic. 

However, despite many rejection letters and job search obstacles, the stars aligned for me—I interviewed and got the job as a Senior Technical Talent Manager at The Mom Project. I knew in this role that I would be impacting the lives of other moms. But little did I know I would make an impact on myself. 

A month into my time with the Mom Project, my heart became full. I’d helped more moms and diverse talent in that month than I had in my 10+ year career in technology. I also delivered my little one early that month and returned from my leave only one month later. I was eager to return to a job that excited me daily. 

Despite my home, the tech market, and the world constantly changing, I changed too. My anxiety around “being enough” for my children, partner, community, and employer began to diminish. Not only did I have financial freedom, but my self-awareness was on an entirely different level. I’d leveled up and rediscovered myself for the first time—I’d discovered my “why.”

My story is a tiny glimpse of how it is essential for us as moms to realize that our careers and what we’re passionate about are worth enduring the journey until we arrive at our destination (your desired outcome). It may take a while to get there, but it’s essential to know that all comebacks are not created equally.

May my comeback story encourage your next moves to bounce back in your career, family, community, and beyond. And may your comeback, no matter what it is, continue to transcend through this community and many others.

Layla Foster | Senior Technical Talent Manager | The Mom Project

Where are you at job wise now?

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