The last few years have completely changed the way we work. Leadership has become less authoritarian, and more egalitarian. Transparency has been prioritized, instead of being hidden. Work has been malleable, versus fixed.

Here are some really interesting paradigms of work and leadership, pre- and post- pandemic.

  • PAST – We slog laboriously and ungratefully at work, as our tasks our meaningless.
  • FUTURE – We work joyfully and appreciative at work, because our tasks are meaningful and we’re making a difference.
  • PAST – We take exact directions from our boss, or we face the repercussions.
  • FUTURE – We are trusted by our leaders that hire us to discover creative solutions to productivity and sustainability.
  • PAST – We are bamboozled and perplexed on how to manage our jobs and our families, and aren’t all in on either.
  • FUTURE – Systemically we are valued as human beings, and get to define our work hours thoughtfully in tandem with leadership.
  • PAST – Shuttling back and forth to work kills our soul.
  • FUTURE – We can work remotely anywhere in the world and still contribute in a meaningful way in less time with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • PAST – We prioritized companies that gave us great benefits.
  • FUTURE – We prioritize loyal workers.
  • PAST – Leaders don’t share any information with their team.
  • FUTURE – The entire company has full transparency on the full picture and status of the company at all times through data sharing.
  • PAST – Managers thrive on scaring employees to get them to do what they want them to do, even if it is not in the companies best interest.
  • FUTURE – Managers motivate employees and help them discover their creative side to finding new solutions to company problems by sharing and helping.
  • PAST – Leaders punish their teams and focus on everything that is wrong.
  • FUTURE – Leaders take equal weight to wins and losses to understand how we can optimize as a team.
  • PAST – Managers focus on accountability and blaming others.
  • FUTURE – Managers focus on responsibility and helping others.
  • PAST – Leaders make goals unreachable and even harder when pacing above goal to keep revolving door positions.
  • FUTURE – Leaders make goals achievable and realistic to pamper long term talent.
  • PAST – Management is constantly scared about getting fired, making fear based decisions daily.
  • FUTURE – Management is confident in their superiors, making confident based decisions daily.

Do you agree?

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