Here we go again, another long holiday weekend for parents to enjoy the kids. I find myself sometimes overdoing it and not setting boundaries, doing anything and everything for the kids to make me feel like a good mom. Sometimes I feel guilty when I don’t have the energy to go to the park first time in the morning, or make cookies, or read books.

Sometimes I need to anchor into myself first before I take care of others. This means radical self care with talking to fellows, getting into a routine that feels good for me, respecting my boundaries, detoxing, and being compassionate with myself by being gentle and keeping it simple.

Here are 6 holiday weekend survival guide tactics for parents to us enjoy the kids by enjoying ourselves.

  1. Keep it as simple as possible. I don’t have to make plans with Dick and Harry, I can just stay still and not move. Sometimes not taking action is an action in itself, and being a doer myself, it is hard for me to stop running.
  2. Keep it creative and nature-ific. When I feel stagnant, I need to get outside and take a walk. There are so many things we can do that are easy on our mind, bodies and souls. This includes water coloring painting with the kids, doing YouTube Art Drawing tutorials with the kids, admiring art and deciphering how you feel.
  3. Keep a tight, healthy crew. The healthier the crew, the better. If you are emotionally and physically sober, I am in it to win it. Since I am the mix of 5 people that surround me, I need to choose those people carefully.
  4. Keep it light and funny. The heavy energy of the feeling of having to do something all the time to make me feel good just takes me out of me. I need to feel my feelings, honor my mind, and honor my body. The opposite of the word heavy is light. I need to lighten up! The only way I can do this is by calling a fellow, joining a parent community in real life or on social media, or streaming a funny podcast that I love! I can lighten up by taking it easy on myself and acknowledging the 7 year old kid Stacy by saying, let’s play!
  5. Keep it realistic and current. Sometimes I find it hard to stay in the day. I can look back, but I shouldn’t stare and harp on it as I cannot change it. I can learn from it though. The only thing we have right now is this very moment, nothing else. I also have the ability to look 10 steps forward then 10 steps back. The future tripping only brings me mentally out of the current moment, and takes me out of this precious moment we were gifted TODAY.
  6. Keep it mindful. Sometimes I find myself very physically exhausted, and then realize it’s because my mind is running itself into a hole in the ground. I have to ask myself, am I hungry? What is wrong at this very moment? Am I tired? Do I need to rest? Do I need to drink water? Keeping it as simple as possible is key for me to honor myself and in turn honor those around me.

The good news is that I don’t have to put on a show. I don’t have to be the main source of entertainment for me and my family, I can let me do me, and I can let them do them.

What tools are you using this weekend to stay in the day and take care of yourself?

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