Have I mentioned that I absolutely, most definitely HATE going to the doctors office? Not only does my urgency refrain from getting resolved quickly, but I find that I have to go in multiple times to seek out a resolution. After all, our health system is a for profit business and you only make money when people come into the office.

Stupid me woke up with a red eye yesterday morning. I was so pissed at myself! Did I touch something and then unconsciously rub my eye?

The answer was yes, yes I did.

I have had this issue before and got eye drops that really helped, however they were almost 80 dollars! 80 DOLLARS and the ingredients were goats milk and some other weirdness.

I wanted to solve the problem and I wanted it solved fast.

Note, I am not a doctor so if you have an issue you should definity contact your doctor and not go all renegade like me.  I know some of you feel this same way as well, hence me posting about this odd and unexpected solution.

I searched and asked friends and family members for natural at home solutions. I tried to flush my eye out with water. I tried to put a warm compress on it. I opened my eye and looked around and did find some gunk in the upper eyelid. I honestly have no clue how it go there.

A friend led me down the path of mixing a cup of cold filtered water and a few drops of apple cider vinegar. I mixed it up, washed my hands, the stuck my hand in the water and put my head back as droplets fell into my eye.

I felt a stinging sensation, but let the apple cider vinegar and filtered water mix work it’s magic. I tried this in the morning and early evening. By the end of the first day, the red blood vessels seemed to calm down.

The second day, I repeated the process and saw improvement.

By the third day, it was mostly cleared up.

I took some additional presentation measures to clean up around me too.

First, I changed my sheets and pillow cases but washed my hands beforehand.

Second, I doused each doorknob in my house with rubbing alcohol to prevent the spread to my roommate’s just in case it was spreadable.

Third, I vacuumed the house very carefully to make sure I captured any dust lingering around.

Fourth, I sat down with a cup of masala tea and waited for improvement. Sometimes sitting down and being still can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul.

Fifth, I healed myself.

Just curious, have you tried any home remedies for Conjunctivitis or pink eye that also worked for you?

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