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10 Types of Video Game Channels

Nookazon + Nintendo’s Animal Crossing = True Love

If you have not heard of Nookazon yet, you might as well be living under a rock. Nookazon is the jelly to the peanut butter sandwich of love that makes Animal Crossing Nintendo’s third grossing game of all time. New Horizons players can trade the exact items they need to get to the next project […]

What’s Your Video Game Name?

We are all gamers. The kids are playing Talking Tom. The teenagers are playing Angry Teacher 3D. The millennials are playing Animal Crossing. The parents are playing World of Warcraft. The grandparents are playing Solitaire. There is a big problem though! They do not have a video game name that suits them. Wack attack! Perfect […]

The Game of Life Affirmations, by Florence Scovel Shinn

Infinite spirit opens the way for great abundance for me. I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right. I now smash and demolish by my spoken word every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust heap of their native nothingness where they came from […]

Video Game Revenue in 2019

Newzoo reports data from Q1 to Q3 in 2019 for the public video companies below: Tencent – $15.2b Sony – $9.4b Apple – $7.7b Microsoft – $6.4b Google – $5.4b NetEase – $5.1b Activision Blizzard – $4.1b EA – $3.8b Nintendo – $2.8b Bandai Namco – $2.4b Take-Two Interactive – $1.9b Nexon – $1.9b Ubisoft […]

New Video Games Releasing Soon

Project Cars No Straight Roads Street Power Soccer Remothered: Broken Porcelain Tell Me Why Madden NFL 21 Wasteland 3 Windbound Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Ary and the Secret of Seasons WRC 9 Marvel’s Avengers Tony Hawks Pro Skater Pro NBA 2K21 eFootball PES WWE 2k Battlegrounds Mafia Definitive Edition Genshin Impact Star Wars: […]

10 Best All-Time Female Video Game Characters

1. Ms. Pacman Bye Mr. Pacman. You’re toast. 2. Princess Peach Super Mario Brothers, move over for the TRUE superstar! 3. Chun-Li She is the best on this list. Street Fighter II is the best game of all time. Discuss. 4. Jade She’ll kick your @ss. Mortal Combat style. And. You’re. Dead. 5. Rikku Your […]

What’s Your Country Music Star Name? – Leverage Ambition

I love me some country music! From Black Shelton to Carrie Underwood, to Dolly Parton and Faith Hill, these guys always know how to say it right and get to the core of me with their beautiful and soul music. I always wanted to become a country star, but when I sing it sounds like […]

What’s Your Evil Villain Movie Name? – Leverage Ambition

Who is your absolute favorite villain of all time? Mine would have to be Darth Vader for sure. Star Wars was always an obsession of mine growing up. Every girl wanted to be Princess Leia and her Halloween costume was always a big hit in the 80’s! I always thought of myself as the hero, […]

What’s Your Dog Name? – Leverage Ambition

I had a golden retriever named Joshua and a beagle named Beamer growing up. I used to imagine myself being a dog too and playing with them. The golden retriever would always jump in our pool for a dip when it was hot. On the flip side our beagle would chase bunnies all day long […]

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