600 years ago our Gregorian calendar noted a double blue moon. We are double winning with this blue moon in aquarius.

Let freedom ring and activate your bravery for this historic event. Healing is imperative and frustrations will be lifted. And first, we need to meditate to quiet our minds and feel the feelings. Remember, the only way out of it is through it. Avoid screaming at the ocean. Understand what you can change (yourself only) and what you cannot (people, places, things).

This brutal energy forces us to let go and embrace the new, while reintroducing the positives. Thebsun and stars will activate our royalty and showcase our true king powers. Let bravery and courage reign!

Healthy choices now will lead to the ability for us to manifest powerful authenticity.

Here are 13 ways to activate your full blue moon king energy this weekend!

1. Stay Grounded. Embrace the shift.

2. Stay Creative. Ambitious, salacious learning will help you heal.

3. Stay Pure. Be mindful of thoughts, things, and actions.

4. Stay Free. Embrace your hippie spirit and run barefoot on the earth.

5. Stay Listening. Silence is God’s gift to hear others.

6. Stay Intuitive. You already innately have everything you need.

7. Stay Neutral. Respond, don’t react.

8. Stay Protected. Keep your immediate environment safe.

9. Stay Weird. Uniqueness reigns with beauty.

10. Stay Generous. Welcome others in with healthy boundaries.

11. Stay Patient. Focus on what you can control and what you can’t.

12. Stay Mindful. Mind your manners.

13. Stay Focused on You. When you point the finger at someone else, turn it back to yourself.

Are you prepping for the Full Blue Moon on Sunday?

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