Every morning is a new opportunity for me to align with myself. I find that when my mind shifts to controlling other people’s days, it distracts me from looking inwards at myself and pulls me away from the self care I really need.

In order to help me get organized, I need to set up the pillars and guidelines to help me help myself by setting clear boundaries. I find that when I try to force solutions for others, I get in trouble fast. It either one, pisses someone off, or two, distracts me from keeping the focus on myself. When I point the finger at someone else, I always need to redirect it to myself.

For that exact reason, I’ve set up 7 morning mantras to help me mind my manners that keep me focused on myself.

1. I am presently in the present. Translation: Staring at the back seat is not helpful as it has already been done, and staying outside of the day ahead will pull me out of the ever so beautiful and present moment. If I stay present, I take care of myself in a meaningful way.

2. I am able. Translation: I have the tools I need today. If I need new tools, I will ask for them without guilt.

3. I am kind. Translation: I don’t have to tell myself how crappy a person I am, or how I suck at life. Thoughts are not things, and feelings are not facts. I need to think thoughts and advice that I would give my best friend vs my worst enemy.

4. I am responsible. Translation: I am not responsible to run anyone elses day but my own. I am not God. I don’t have to run anyone else’s day but my own, and that’s a blessing.

5. I am enough. Translation: I am enough.

6. I am the only one of me, and there is no one like me. My purpose is no one else’s business, but mine and God’s.

7. I will give myself a break. Translation: I will invest in my recovery and healing. I will take care of myself, and take time out for me without guilt or worrying about how others will take care of themselves. I will redirect the focus on me and refrain from speaking negatively about anyone else.

Here is my morning mantra haiku, entitled Freedom.

Knees pelvis peaceful bliss
The ground is pulling me down
To ascend


I am love, I am loved, and I deserve to be loved. The illusion of shame, guilt and worry will never block peace and serenity from myself. I will breathe in the golden light that ignites my power, glory, and strength. I will allow happiness to illuminate my mind, body, and soul. I will set my soul free to continue God’s plan for me. I will rejoice in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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