Today was a tough day and it’s still only 8:26am here in Los Angeles. I was scheduled to meet with a new employee for my business, and she didn’t show up. I woke up extra early to sign on and she just wasn’t on the Zoom call. Then my son woke up cranky and tired. The cold weather change here is making me tired, and I want to feel good although I feel like I am languishing in self pity. It’s okay to not have a great start to the morning. Sometimes some mornings are better than others, and how great is it that every morning doesn’t have to be the same. I find that my perfectionist character defects that make me want to sit in pain and grief all day, when I can actually restart my day at any time. There is no unhappiness that can’t be lessened.

The opposite of my personal pity party is accepting the opportunity to grow and hand it over to my higher power. And spiritual growth only happens with change. I have to realize that my triggers are only growth opportunities for me.

  1. Stop Seeking Solutions by Myself. I don’t have to give 120% to make things work, rather I need to trust the universe that my predestined plan will be done like God’s promise. In Bloggers for the Kingdom, Paul says to “throw off everything that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles us” (Hebrews 12.1 NIV). Sometimes it is difficult for me to trust the plan my higher power has for me. I want to figure it out myself, however when I figure it out myself I usually end up disappointed. Understanding what is in my control and what is not helps me refocus my energy on myself.
  2. Take Care of The Things I Can Control. I need to continue to work on my healing. I used to equate chaos with aliveness and it wasn’t healthy, although they were exciting and passionate. I am finding sometimes that being bored is a blessing rather than a curse. Controlling and managing situations makes it harder on me to focus on myself.
  3. Understand That When I Seek for God, I Shall Find The Answer at the Right Time, and it Might Not Be in My Time. Sometimes I lose hope and power over myself and my reactions. I get emotional and feel powerless, maybe because I didn’t get the job I wanted or I didn’t get something I prayed for. I have to trust that God will’s is fulfilled when I follow His plan, not the plan I think I should have. God’s plan is the perfect plan, and I need to embrace that.
  4. I Need To Ask For Help When I Need It. If I ask for help and no one answers, I need to ask God. Making other people my higher power is not going to work out well for me.
  5. Progress Not Perfection. Expectations are only future resentments, and there is no such thing as perfect. Sometimes when change plans that is higher powers plan to redirect me into a new, better direction.

Some days I need to drink the humble sauce and throw down prayer on my resentments.

What do you do to let go and let God?

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