I AM affirmations help us accept our wonderful selves as the universe made us.

Let’s get the beauty flowing.

  1. I am empowered
  2. I am animated
  3. I am cool
  4. I am vivid
  5. I am unique
  6. I am genuine
  7. I am gifted
  8. I am luminous
  9. I am active
  10. I am brave
  11. I am extravagant
  12. I am effervescent
  13. I am refreshed
  14. I am carefree
  15. I am courageous
  16. I am free
  17. I am grace
  18. I am illuminated
  19. I am stellar
  20. I am opulent
  21. I am joyful
  22. I am blessed
  23. I am humble
  24. I am amazing
  25. I am restored
  26. I am mystical
  27. I am magic
  28. I am cozy
  29. I am cosmic
  30. I am light
  31. I am marvelous
  32. I am immortal
  33. I am calm
  34. I am splendid
  35. I am golden
  36. I am love
  37. I am happy
  38. I am enthusiastic
  39. I am giving
  40. I am community
  41. I am original
  42. I am glorious
  43. I am pure
  44. I am elated
  45. I am fortified
  46. I am thriving
  47. I am sharing
  48. I am whole
  49. I am solid
  50. I am superb

Which one was the hardest to say? Which one was the easiest?

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