Sukha says YES!

If you see a very petite, elongated taffy like tree blonde woman walking down Washington in Culver City, it could be the one and only, Sukha Gildart.

Formerly known as a coveted Jane Fonda workout background dancer, Kim G the hip-hop choreographer, she also goes with the nomenclature, Kim Arlene G, which seemed to work very well in the classically trained and modern dance categories. Her Buddhist name has been Sukha for the last 30 years, however since she was born Kim, she is known as Kimmie to her relatives.

This all around movement superstar and Taurus will tell it like it is, taking on prisoners both literally and figuratively.

Sukha says YES to volunteering and gives me the full scoop below:

For 25 years, since 1994 (beginning literally out of the blue spacious set of circumstances and unknowing at 32 years old at Central juvenile hall in Los Angeles) within the california department of corrections and rehabilitation; I’ve been creating inplementing by teaching a multi modality multimedia movement based dance athletics meditation and writing program for juveniles, women and currently male inmates called “words rhythm and motion.”

I developed a comprehensive multi media/modality course from this model known as “Body As Instrument”.
That wove my teaching at UCLA and as adjunct faculty And other universities and colleges and privately doing workshops guest teaching performing etc.

I adapted body is instrument for the UCLA school of music and now is my model for teaching and dance departments theater departments athletic departments even sociology and creative writing departments in higher education and other institutions.

More into the timeline of her name, Sukha is her Buddhist name and her legal name is Sukha Kim Gildart. She kept her middle name and her last name, which is her biological father’s name. It turns out she’s the only one with the Gildart last name.

The name Polly is a completely curated character that Sukha came up with herself. Polly comes from the Paramor and her life-changing significant partner is “Wink, the ambivalent amphibian.” Polly’s character is an emotional practical dancer, and a non-competitive athlete. She is a leaper – FROG, and Wink of course is a toad.

This is a creative publishing effort for Sukha and she describes it as a Buddhist fairytale for the modern day and age. It’s just a sweet little story among the quite a few that Sukha has written. The idea of the illustrations embraced movement, and were very animated and childlike, but also very adult. Sukha says YES again, she’s the totally Polly that she created, along with the frog too.

Sukha says YES to creating colorful stories to help her tell hers.

Native Angeleno with Native American roots in the northern Californian Mendocino area, she has a spunky enviable improv about her that others admire and adore.  She also gave me a mango creme Goya treat that is currently in my freezer, waiting to be chopped up and eaten as a sugar free dessert.

Reason being, that her Cuban Aunt Esther Sita, su tia, is the beloved wife of su tio, Steve and one of her primary father figures, Uncle Steve. There is a fairytale behind it in that they met when he found her family floating on the Atlantic ocean when he was in the Navy fleeing from Castro about 54 years ago.

Her Uncle speaks fluent fluent Spanish and the whole family is Cuban. They married into Mexican and Spanish heritage, so Sukha has lots of cousins that are Cuban Mexican Spanish Americano. She has soaked in the culture very well and shares blood with her cousins.

The other part of Sukha’s family is Japanese, but not by blood. Her one and only nephew Kai Is the child of her brother Jack. And he married miki-  Japanese. Jack lived in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. It turns out that she can speak Japanese and lived and worked in the Asia, Japan, and China areas, doing artistic residencies and teaching choreographing.

Back to her brother Jack, Jack was inspired as a very young child. Sukha adds that he’s 17 years younger than her, but he has a big and only sister. He just ran with it!

Luckily I had the distinct pleasure to interview her on our audio and video podcast, check it out on Anchor FM audio only here and YouTube video here.

Don’t mind us as we luxuriate in the funky wildnerness of the Industry Jazz Cafe, while the LA rush hour traffic lingers slowly spying on us in the background.  It just highlights the mastery of the moment that the ambiguity of the movement embraces and fosters everything of our past, future, and present.

As I write this article, she sends me a slew of text messages on all the content she wants me to share, which as a fellow writer, is a miracle treat.

Here’s her last ‘to me, love her’ text messages below:

Last thing i promise!!!!
now oficially done!!!

See below a poem written by me for the women in my family upon the passing of the last of the beautiful line of native covelo Wilson sisters about six years ago my aunt dodo – (Georgie) gma’s baby sister.

My grandma and her sisters were beautiful I mean gorgeous I’ll send you pictures sometime actually the men were quite a batch of brilliance too.

So her funeral where I read this at a very large gathering both at the Nomlaki cemetery in the Round Valley Indian Tribe in Covelo, California, and a very large gathering in a city tribute to her and then again at another venue some of my family commissioned me to edit it so that they could present it a different affairs etc. and then tribe commissioned me to edit it now bye was asked by my beloved cousins who is Mama Donna they almost last in the next generation line she was a rockit Goddess a war horse a beautiful woman who survived cancer four times just incredible that second line incidentally when they change I will be the elder matriarchal figure freaks me out a bit anyway so I’m supposed to read this on September 24 up north but I can’t so I’m probably going to zoom it anyway I thought you might enjoy it and I would love to somehow include it in the story.

the women in my family are earthy

they are strong stalked
sweet smiling sunflowers
they are steady going turtles
they are long standing sandy bluffs, among luscious verdurous grottos
and eternal emerald redwoods.

they are succulent shades of saffron and cinnamon, apricot, crimson, golden and brown.

they are an exquisite embodiment of feminine.

grounded and round,
fertile and fragrant and fiercely compassionate.

these women are as wise as they are innocent and almost unbearably soft, but each and every one of them is strong as the day is long.

the women in my family
have robust roots and tenacious trunks.
their bark is smooth and creamy as manzinita, yet ancient and enduring
the madronas.
their branches yaw bow like,
like the redbud –
taut yet tensile yielding
able to bend through tumultuous storms and violent winds.

each year they will grow still
so as to shed the old and excess.
they will then rest in fearless emptiness until the right time comes for them to break brilliant again with intricate jubilant flowers bursting out from every end.

the women in my family are hunters and gatherers

they are ingenious architects of warm homes and supportive nests.
they are the very best crafters of colorful creations.
while they possess myriad gifts within, it’s hard to begin to describe and comprehend, but if pressed i would clearly say that the most precious is that indomitable yes,
yes, YES

they know no’s as simply “not-yet”s.
their resilience feeds a sense of faith in their connectedness to all things.

their kindness is nothing less than magical and though they would not out-loudly say so,
they are made of magic as well.

they are beautiful individually, and collectively inseparable, pieces of a picture puzzle
they are spirited and joyful, especially when gathered together.

their whispers and giggles are infectious,
but when any of one them is hurting, their shared sadness
can be heard echoing through mountains from which our ancestors came.

the mothers, daughters and sisters in my family are women who genuinely get great things done.
never neglecting their attention to the tiny fragile everyday miracles that make all grand things possible.

the women in my family are not likely to give up or give in.
while always giving selflessly and generously their gifts to this world.

hardwired to love unconditionally
in truth with the fullness of their breathtaking hearts,

the women in my own family are probably, at the marrow of their core, are a lot or exactly like the women in your own –

-sukha –

Here is the full YouTube video podcast again, and below she moves, jives, bends, flows, and glides all over Washington Boulevard.

Here is the link to Sukha’s Body As Instrument class at UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, where she’s contingent faculty.

She currently teaches within academic institutions, universities, athletics and dance programs throughout the country.


Phone: 310.435.6469

Instagram: @sukhasaysyes

Happy Friday Night Lights Lovelies! 💖🙏🌺 

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