Netflix is known for it’s edgy historical documentaries bridging both creativity and music.

In Netflix’s Echo in the Canyon, anti-establishment artists from all over the American nation flocked to this blissful hippie kingdom to get their chance to be heard in the echoes of the California canyons. The lyrics spilled over the landscape like fine wine, surprisingly exquisite and rare. No one other than Netflix can scoop up a legendary documentaries like Echo in the Canyon.

Far out musicians are no stranger to the Los Angeles coast. The biggest musicians worldwide have flocked to the rolling hills, including Tom Petty, Jim Morrison, Joni Mitchell, The Byrds, and more recently Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Miley Cyrus, Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce, and more.

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All are bound to find endless musical inspiration through the Pacific breeze. Hints of musical lyrics pop through like whispers of the wind. The music gods on the California coast off the Pacific Ocean have come to life. We can hear the light whispers of brilliant lyrics, the landscape has a majesty to it that cannot be bought, only borrowed on temporary time.

A short sidebar here though, being an Angeleno that works in the entertainment industry out here I am pretty confident in saying that Netflix employs ONLY the best of the best. Being employed at Netflix IS your Top Gun Maverick moment. Netflix does not want any slackers on their Olympic team of greatness, and they make it well known as you walk through the doors. As you enter into the dragon of the Bruce Lee dungeon, you can grasp the greatness in amazing docuseries like Echo in the Canyon. In the streaming wars, winning is everything and only by capturing great content can you continue to captivate a paid audience.

According to, Netflix plans to spend over 70 billion in content this year alone. This is quite the move and other platforms are astonished at the sheer numbers they produce for each documentary or docuseries they release. Netflix’s Echo in the Canyon is one of the multi million dollar documentaries that proves Netflix is willing to bet there bottom dollar that their streaming sensations will entertain the masses for years to come.

Remember Blockbuster? Netflix also has a documentary on the last Blockbuster in the world. Like Blockbuster, Netflix wants to scoop up every DVD movie in the last 100 years.

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Netflix won’t stop until they are number one and investors are willing to bet on it.  Netflix’s subscription model is a walled garden, direct advertisers are not welcome either where the $14.99 monthly charge gives Netflix an advantage over competitors like Hulus $4.99 subscription.

Back to the music, Netflix’s Echo in the Canyon highlights the glory days of music in the 60s and 70s where grunge, pop, and authentic realness resonated in a major way. Not only were the Beatles hot during this era, rock and roll was proven to be a hot ticket to irreverent coolness in protest of a predictable cookie cutter society. The rock and roll rebellion included fancy folk music and promoted even colossal could country music that let lyrical freedom ring through the hills and valleys that make the canyons of the California coast.

What musical legends does Netflix’s Echo in the Canyon review? Anyone from John Lennon the great to Alice Cooper the dark rock legend. All of these musicians take an anti societal and anti governmental stance in that these eccentric artists not only want to live out of the box, they sing themselves out of it too.

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Netflix shows how Echo in the Canyon boasts the trends of the rebellious rock era and shows how musicians became the leaders the masses that we always wanted. They gave us something to believe in like Poison, another rock band that spoke the truth of the dark depths of our eternal psyche.

Is Netflix my favorite streaming app? Right now I am leading with Amazon’s Prime Video as I am really digging the foreign mystery films. For some reason when the murder mysteries are in foreign land, it makes them that much scarier.

If you are feeling patriotic this July fourth holiday, check out Netflix’s Echo in the Canyon. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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