Street art has always been a fascination of mine from the time I was really young. I loved to see artwork while riding into NYC on the Long Island Railroad, and enjoyed seeing the different tagged walls and streets. It was juvenile and creative, and I always thought, ‘wow, that guy is cool.’

Flashforward to 2021, and we’ve all been through the ringer over the last few years. We are all in need of some good creative recovery, so why not take a walk around the block and enjoy the sights and sounds?

That is exactly what I did this morning. I dropped off the kids and started to walk. I walked up Fairfax, I walked past Harper, I strolled up La Jolla, I skipped through Kings Road.

It was healing and inspiring to view all of the fancy, creative, and colorful spray paint that ran through the walls and paved parking lots.

I particularly loved the artwork that adorned the electrical boxes and walls down on Melrose. The vibrant colors and drips reminded me of the 80s smiley faces I received on my completed homework. The drips reminded me of the drip castles I used to build in the sand and water with dish soap.

This is another tagged wall with the smiley faces and the pink slime dripping down the walls. I enjoyed the wallpaper background as it felt like someone had tagged my mother’s living room and gave it a little color that it always needed.

My favorite part of this group was that they were all in a 15 ft radius around each other but mainly loved the random Bjork poster painted to the ground. Because Bjork guys.

This last wall was dedicated to the show Lucifer on TV, and I found it captivating yet felt that need to say a prayer in front of it too, baptizing myself in the bottle of water I had.

What art did you like the most?

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