How to Save Time: Stop Complaining

Both internally and externally we tell ourselves certain narratives that we embrace. My number one pet peeve is people complaining. Mainly due to the fact that they have the power to change, but they continue to keep themselves stuck in an infinity rut that was created by none other than themselves. How can you stop … Continue reading How to Save Time: Stop Complaining

Everyone’s Grounded. 2020.

If you're like me you've been quarantined at home since March and have missed out on some of normal things you'd do. Here's a list of the things I missed that I was able to do last year. 1. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) In Las Vegas yearly, this technology event showcases all the latest gadgets … Continue reading Everyone’s Grounded. 2020.

Clearing Space + Energy for Progress

2020 has been a tough year for many, and now it is time for us to gain our independence. With one step at a time, we can give ourselves permission and space for growth and healing to clear out the old and bring in the new. Don't wait for permission from anyone to create your … Continue reading Clearing Space + Energy for Progress

5 Quotes from St Augustine of Hippo

1. "Hear the other side." 2. "Beauty grows in you to the extent that love grows, because charity itself is the soul's beauty." 3. "The world is a great book, of which they that never stir from home read only a page." 4. "People travel to wonder t the height of the mountains, at the … Continue reading 5 Quotes from St Augustine of Hippo

Spelling Bee! How Do You Spell…

There seems to be a hot debate in the news today. And it has do do with who's smarter than a fifth grader, but in real life. This is not a test. People are debating the way to spell donut or doughnut. What do you think? How do you spell donut? I have no idea. … Continue reading Spelling Bee! How Do You Spell…

Whole30 Hot or Cold Tantanmen Ramen Soup

INGREDIENTS 4 pieces of Chicken Breast with Bones 2 Large Boiled Eggs 2 Bundles of Baby Bok Choi 1 Cup of Bean Sprouts 1 Large Zucchini 8 Scallions 2 Tablespoons of Tahini Paste 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Aminos Half Teaspoon of Five Spice 2 Tablespoons of Cashew Butter Handful of Toasted Sesame Seeds DIRECTIONS Add … Continue reading Whole30 Hot or Cold Tantanmen Ramen Soup

Top 10 Countries with the Highest + Lowest Life Expectancies

Who wants to live forever? Medical science may have the cure for death. More recently we came across information that scientists were able to bring a pig back to life after being dead for a month. True or False? Could have been another case of fake news. Either way we were able to do our … Continue reading Top 10 Countries with the Highest + Lowest Life Expectancies

10 Signs You Work in a Toxic Work Environment

1. Colleagues throw you under the bus 2. Colleagues take credit for your work 3. Colleagues gossip 4. Your morale is low 5. You are working over time 6. Colleagues don't respect your boundaries 7. Colleagues discriminate against you because of your age, sex, color, or sexual orientation 8. Your boss doesn't support you, and … Continue reading 10 Signs You Work in a Toxic Work Environment

Anyone Trying to Save You is Trying to Rule You

Save yourself. Our health and media outlets have been extraordinarily overwhelming for all, so much so that we no longer visit our normal sites for fear of triggers. I started to vet the way I felt after reading articles and browsing the web. And it wasn't pretty. It made me tired, anxious, and overwhlemed. Then … Continue reading Anyone Trying to Save You is Trying to Rule You

I Pied Myself In The Face With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

And now I look great! Seriously though, olive oil has so many great health benefits both inside and outside of your skin. We use olive oil, the extra virgin kind, in most all of our pasta, vegetable, and poultry slash meat cooking. Italians always say garlic for the flu vampires, and olive oil for beauty. … Continue reading I Pied Myself In The Face With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 Genius Ways to Add Baby Oil to Your Beauty Routine

Hydration gets hard as you get older. You have to remember to moisturize daily, drink plenty of fluids, wat enough fruits and vegetables, and the list goes on. My mother is Italian and would always put Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil on her face. We kids would find it hilarious, however now that she is … Continue reading 4 Genius Ways to Add Baby Oil to Your Beauty Routine

14 Natural Virus Prevention Cures

1. Green Tea Same leaves that are used for the annoying Matcha, hot green tea is from the camillia sinensis plant. It is dried and tea bagged in hot water. Then you drink it. 2. Colloidal Silver Well documented for it's antimicrobial agents, it is known to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses. 3. Olive Branch … Continue reading 14 Natural Virus Prevention Cures

Is Sexism in Corporate Still a Thing?

Turns out, yes. It is real. And it's a silent epidemic. And sadly it exists in many daily lives of all workers worldwide, where many victims are threatened and silenced. Bigger global companies are responsible for abiding by the laws in each respective country. Unfortunately internal legal and management, accustomed to defending the company at … Continue reading Is Sexism in Corporate Still a Thing?

New Video Games Releasing Soon

Project Cars No Straight Roads Street Power Soccer Remothered: Broken Porcelain Tell Me Why Madden NFL 21 Wasteland 3 Windbound Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Ary and the Secret of Seasons WRC 9 Marvel's Avengers Tony Hawks Pro Skater Pro NBA 2K21 eFootball PES WWE 2k Battlegrounds Mafia Definitive Edition Genshin Impact Star Wars: … Continue reading New Video Games Releasing Soon

8 Steps to Freedom

1. SET YOUR LIFE GOALS Do you want to write a book? Do you want to be an astronaut? These things take time. 2. SET YOUR LONG AND SHORT TERM GOALS These should be broken out by year, quarter, month, week, and day so you stay on track. 3. STAY CONSISTENT, BUT FLEXIBLE Daily life … Continue reading 8 Steps to Freedom

Happy 90th Birthday, Sean Connery!

Shout out to all the big 007 fans out there, here's a toast to the second best Bond. As he said in one of his movies, "There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in a man." This is true. The best never settle for less. Here is a list of movies … Continue reading Happy 90th Birthday, Sean Connery!

Lionel Messi Wants Out of Barcelona Soccer Team

Will he join his home country of Argentina instead? Time will tell. Messi announced his intent to leave the Barcelona Soccer Team this week in effort to start the shift process to join a new team. But what team will he be looking to join? My guess is his home country of Argentina. He is … Continue reading Lionel Messi Wants Out of Barcelona Soccer Team

Marshmellow Only Lucky Charms Bags (FINALLY) On Sale this September

God hath awakened our minds and senses with the sweet treat of Lucky Charms Marshmellows consolidated in single 7 ounce bags in 2020. Will Jesus himself be delivering them to your houses? The answer is no, He will not. However, local grocers will. And maybe and too if you truly do have the … Continue reading Marshmellow Only Lucky Charms Bags (FINALLY) On Sale this September

Stats on the Popular Game, Fortnite

Fortnite was launched to the pubic in 2017 as a free-to-play, battle royale sandbox survival game that was available on iOS, aOS, and Nintendo Switch. It has gained a tremendous user base, from 250 million last year to 350 million users this year and counting. When we were in NYC last year, Fortnite had massive … Continue reading Stats on the Popular Game, Fortnite

Exuding Confidence When You’re Feeling Poopy

"Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get," said Forrest Gump. Life throws us wrenches on the daily. We have the choice to take the hit or shift to miss it. Each moment we are given is a blessing. The way you react will define that moment in time, whether … Continue reading Exuding Confidence When You’re Feeling Poopy

5 Ways to Stand Up to Mom-Shaming

You are truly blessed. You are a Mom, and a Parent, but you may not be doing things the way others do it. And that's OK! Everything that you do may not be right for someone else, and it's time to accept it and start uniting and embracing parenting differences to make the world a … Continue reading 5 Ways to Stand Up to Mom-Shaming

Our Immigration System Fails All of Us

Immigrants do not have any good options as the recession roles out. Bloomberg announced that over 200,000 immigrants have lost their H1-B visa status in June due to the recession, link to article here. With over 40 million people in the US without jobs due to our health crisis COVID, many of these job losses … Continue reading Our Immigration System Fails All of Us

What is Fear Mongering 101? describes it as a scare tactic as well. This is a strategy that various governments and news media uses in order to scare you into agreeing with their policies or points of view that usually involves some kind of protection or banning something which thus enacts more and more useless laws. This also helps … Continue reading What is Fear Mongering 101?

FREE @LogitechG Flight Simulator Throttle Quadrant on @MSFSOfficial

Also another friendly reminder that Top Gun will also be releasing in 2020 too! Microsoft Flight Simulator has announced it's newest version of Flight Simulator. Flight Simulator was created in 1982 and dorks globally embraced it with simultaneous fury and glory. Now August 2020, and they are giving away a brand new LogitechG Flight Simulator … Continue reading FREE @LogitechG Flight Simulator Throttle Quadrant on @MSFSOfficial

Get Your Geek On

Happy Friday all, and hope you had a smashing week. This is lifestyles of the nerdy and agoraphobic, ready to keep it real indoors. Here are some fun dorky things we can do in doors together. Nanu nanu. KAROAKE Sing your heart out, dorkmaster! LASER TAG If you have no friends, skip to the next … Continue reading Get Your Geek On

Relaxing Ideas for Easy Stress Relief

Meditation Photo by cottonbro on Warm Bubble Bath Photo by Craig Adderley on Himalayan Salt Lamp Photo by Andrea Davis on Yoga Photo by Cedric Lim Ah Tock on Tai Qi Photo by Pixabay on Praying Photo by Pixabay on Seltzer with Fresh Fruit Photo by Alex Azabache on … Continue reading Relaxing Ideas for Easy Stress Relief

Moms Are Doing Everything Now, But Milk The Cow

What more can you throw at us? And at this point, I am ready to buy a cow tbh. My husband went to the grocery store, and there was a blatant robbery right in front of his eyes. A homeless man full on filled up a basket of supplies and bounced. So now it's time … Continue reading Moms Are Doing Everything Now, But Milk The Cow

Impossible-to-Kill Indoor House Plants FYC

Airify, purify and gorgeousify (is that a word), your home indoors with new indoor plants! It's like having a new pet without all the barking. Dragon Tre Spider plant Crown of Thorns Begonia Peace ily Guiana Chestnut Bromeliad Philodendron Orchid Aloe Asparagus Ferns Fiddle Leaf Fig What plants do you have in your house?

Steve Bannon Arrested, Among 3 Others Charged With Fraud

'We Build The Wall' campaign was a non-profit campaign built to raise funds to build the wall, Trump's Wall that bordered the United States and Mexico for border control purposes. 3 others were also charged with fraudulent money laundering when they stuck theirs sticky hands in the cookie jar anad embezzled millions from donors. It's … Continue reading Steve Bannon Arrested, Among 3 Others Charged With Fraud

Nookazon + Nintendo’s Animal Crossing = True Love

If you have not heard of Nookazon yet, you might as well be living under a rock. Nookazon is the jelly to the peanut butter sandwich of love that makes Animal Crossing Nintendo's third grossing game of all time. New Horizons players can trade the exact items they need to get to the next project … Continue reading Nookazon + Nintendo’s Animal Crossing = True Love

I’m a Parent, and I’m Exhausted

Parents are really getting pushed to the limits these days. Many that do not have families and pets to distract them from doing work on the daily were lucky when the pandemic hit, as they could have uninterrupted silence. Now parents are forced to work from home and teach their children via Zoom classes that … Continue reading I’m a Parent, and I’m Exhausted

MSN, Microsoft Signs MGID as Native Ads Partner

ExhangeWire announces that MGID has signed MSN, Microsoft, as their new global publisher partner for native ads. CEO of MGID, Sergii Denysnko notes that, "MGID works with thousands of premium publishers globally and we are very excited to now be expanding our portfolio with one of the world's most reputable media outlets to power better … Continue reading MSN, Microsoft Signs MGID as Native Ads Partner

I Got 99 Problems But an App Ain’t One

If anyone is homeschooling their children, they have MOST DEFINITELY had difficulties with APPS and BROWSER BASED school logins in the last 48 hours. Do not panic. Remain calm. Email your teacher. Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat. You. Can. Do. IT. Breathe again. You got this. That is all. I will leave this RIGHT HERE. … Continue reading I Got 99 Problems But an App Ain’t One

4 Ways to Stay Cool in Heat

1. Ice Cube on your Face Good old ice cubes are sitting in your freezer. Use them. Use them often. 2. Drinking Cold Water Keep cold water bottle by you at all times to remember to sip every 20 minutes if you can remember. Set a reoccuring alarm either hourly or minute increments during the … Continue reading 4 Ways to Stay Cool in Heat

5 Ways to Respect Yourself

1. Don't let others bully you Vet your emotions after each interaction with others. Do you trust them? Do they have your best self in mind? If not, they need to be cancelled. 2. Set boundaries (and keep them) You are only one person, and cannot help anyone if you do not take care of … Continue reading 5 Ways to Respect Yourself

Communism vs Democracy by Business Dictionary

Article by Business Dictionary, Communism vs. Democracy 166168By: Jeffrey GlenCommunism and Democracy are two political ideologies or philosophies that dictate how political systems should be managed. Both systems are considered to be 'left-wing' on the political spectrum and more liberal in nature than some other political ideological alternatives (i.e. fascist or conservative ideologies). This article … Continue reading Communism vs Democracy by Business Dictionary

Epic Games Flexes on Apple; Get’s Cancelled

The gaming industry is brutal. Gamers are competitive. Gamers want to win. Some gamers will do ANYTHING to win. And here comes Epic Games. Epic Games is suing Apple for not appropriately giving them a great rev share on the Apple store. Apple can realistically charge whatever they want. It's their site. It's their product. … Continue reading Epic Games Flexes on Apple; Get’s Cancelled

Keep Your Sanity (KPS) HomeSchooling Schedule for All Families

1. Wake Up 2. Brush Teeth 3. Change clothes 4. Eat breakfast 5. Start thinking about journal topic, and write four sentences 6. Email teacher good morning video and explain your journal 7. Start course work on Schoology 8. Finish course work on Schoology 9. Math Lessons on ST Math or Raz Kids Apps 10. … Continue reading Keep Your Sanity (KPS) HomeSchooling Schedule for All Families

Got Squibble Squabbles? 5 Tips to Prevent Brotherly Wars

1. Separate them In two different rooms for a designated time. Use a timer. 2. Let them play outside They are less likely to fight in public. 3. Job Jar If they are caught fighting there is a jar in the house that has chores they can do around the house. If they fight, they … Continue reading Got Squibble Squabbles? 5 Tips to Prevent Brotherly Wars

Amazon, Target, or Walmart?

Who will reign supreme in the home goods war? I am getting mixed reviews from friends and family on this question, so I dare to ask you as well. What company are you ordering from this year? With coronavirus flu spreading like fire, we've all made significant shifts to our daily routines. I have not … Continue reading Amazon, Target, or Walmart?

10 Outdoor Summer Activities

1. Paint the sidewalks with water You have paintbrushes and water, right? Whip 'em out and let the creativity flow! 2. Gardening, Weeding, Digging and Planting If you have seeds, get the kids to dig holes and plant the seeds. No seeds, no problem. Plant popcorn kernels or carraway seeds, it's almost the same thing. … Continue reading 10 Outdoor Summer Activities

Top 8 California Coastal Towns You Can Move to Today

1. Malibu Point Dume and Zuma beach are top destinations for locals. 2. Laguna Beach Super insular nice community with really friendly local restauranteurs, check out Orange Kitchen when you drive by. 3. Hermosa Beach Really great for local gift shopping and the beaches are phenomenal. 4. Carpenteria Beautiful sunsets and hyper local vibes. 5. … Continue reading Top 8 California Coastal Towns You Can Move to Today

8 Bucket List Travel Spots 2020

With COVID making it difficult to travel, we have improvised and have pursued local trips to support local hotels and restaurants that have to go options. After this year, we still have a ton of places we'd like to travel. Here's our list 1. Scotland The motherland, where my grandmother and grandfather were born. 2. … Continue reading 8 Bucket List Travel Spots 2020

Patience Quotes

We could all use it these days, check it out. Have patience, God isn't finished yet. - Philippians 15 Be humble and gentle in every way. Be patient with each other and lovingly accept each other. -1Ephesians 4:2 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. - … Continue reading Patience Quotes

Tips for Sales Tracking + Progress

There are too many Customer Relationship Management tools to count, and most are not used often with sellers mainly for the inconvenience of inputting the data. Many tools are still not able to fully track the entire multidimensional, multiplatform lifecycles of the sale from start to finish. The main reason is that every seller has … Continue reading Tips for Sales Tracking + Progress

7 Quick Breaks For Parents

It's been a crazy year for those parents that have children and had to homeschool them. There have been limitations on going outside of the house without a mask, most parks and restaurants are still closed. This makes it difficult to entertain kids, but it also makes it difficult for us to get some alone … Continue reading 7 Quick Breaks For Parents

Target’s Toilet Paper Reviews Are Helping Me Live Again

If you are like me, you are constantly trying to find the best online deal for home delivery essentials. And if you are also like me, you've come across's customer reviews of Scott's brand Toilet Tissue Paper. If we happened to be separated at birth, you have been a fan of Scott's Toilet Paper … Continue reading Target’s Toilet Paper Reviews Are Helping Me Live Again

10 Best All-Time Female Video Game Characters

1. Ms. Pacman Bye Mr. Pacman. You're toast. 2. Princess Peach Super Mario Brothers, move over for the TRUE superstar! 3. Chun-Li She is the best on this list. Street Fighter II is the best game of all time. Discuss. 4. Jade She'll kick your @ss. Mortal Combat style. And. You're. Dead. 5. Rikku Your … Continue reading 10 Best All-Time Female Video Game Characters

Video Game Revenue in 2019

Newzoo reports data from Q1 to Q3 in 2019 for the public video companies below: Tencent - $15.2b Sony - $9.4b Apple - $7.7b Microsoft - $6.4b Google - $5.4b NetEase - $5.1b Activision Blizzard - $4.1b EA - $3.8b Nintendo - $2.8b Bandai Namco - $2.4b Take-Two Interactive - $1.9b Nexon - $1.9b Ubisoft … Continue reading Video Game Revenue in 2019

Michelle Obama Wins This Week

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Here's an excerpt of what she posted this week on Instagram: You get used to it, even as a little girl- opening the newspaper, turning on the tv, and hardly ever seeing anybody that looks like you. You train yourself to not get your hopes up. And sometimes it's a battle … Continue reading Michelle Obama Wins This Week

How To Be Happy per Seneca

1. Inner Potential is Infinite and Your Decision to Master Yourself Don't worry stuff outside of your control. 2. Accept Whatever Happens Don't deny pain, accept it and move on to the next opportunity. Reactions, actions,and judgements are the only things we can control. 3. Take responsibility for yourself Stoicism teaches us we are in … Continue reading How To Be Happy per Seneca

10 Somewhat Educational Mobile Games My Kids Are Playing This Week

1. Candy Crush Saga Their Grandma is addicted to it too. 2. Sonic the Hedgehog Nothing beats the OG SEGA version. They should have just rereleased the original. 3. Kids A-Z (previously known as Raz Kids) Learning to type like Mavis Beacon 2020 for kids. 4. My Talking Angela Female cat that repeats everything the … Continue reading 10 Somewhat Educational Mobile Games My Kids Are Playing This Week

8 Retro Gamer Jokes

1. Video games ruined my life. Good thing I have two extra lives. 2. There are no easter eggs up here, go away! 3. YOLO 4. I'm a cool guy. I got a girlfriend. 5. Doing your homework is more important than Assassins Creed. 6. Dude I ate a lot, let me f@$%$% rest. 7. … Continue reading 8 Retro Gamer Jokes

Gearing Up for Elementary School

This is for you parents. It's that time we've all dreaded, all summer long. Back to school via home, aka homeschool. I've had in and out of consciousness panic attacks since August 1st. Pony up, parents! This is what we've done to prepare. We logged into our schools parent portal, and found out who our … Continue reading Gearing Up for Elementary School

Are You Reeeeaaaady… for our 30-Day Challenge?

I double dare you to try it. If you are like me, a human in the world that is tired, than you could benefit from the 30 Day Challenge. This is not like any ordinary challenge. It is a challenge of control and endurance. It is a challenge of the mind for your well being. … Continue reading Are You Reeeeaaaady… for our 30-Day Challenge?

Freshwater Lobsters? WTF

Okay so basically, we had our minds blown recently. We were minding our own business in a freshwater lake, and all of a sudden we came across a baby freshwater lobster. Then we thought, wait a dang minute. Do freshwater lobsters really exist? We did our due diligence, and asked around town. Freshwater lobsters are … Continue reading Freshwater Lobsters? WTF

12 Places My Calendar Told Me to Visit

Saint Barthelemy, West Indies Blue Hole, Jamaica Marigot, Saint Marten, Caribbean Random Exotic Street Market in the Caribbean Barbados, Caribbean Montego Bay, Jamaica Cruz Bay, Saint John, US Virgin Islands Anse Champagne Beach, Saint Francois, Guadeloupe, Caribbean The Swimming Pool at Summer Resort in the Caribbean Sailing on a boat somewhere in the Caribbean Fishing … Continue reading 12 Places My Calendar Told Me to Visit

Positive Mindset Quotes

We're all in need. I am responsible for every result in my life. If I want different results, I have to change my thoughts and my actions. We cannot solve our problem with the same thinking that we used when we created them. Everything happens on a mental level before it manifests on the physical … Continue reading Positive Mindset Quotes

5 Ways to Reclaim Your Power

1. Audit friendships, parterships, and family Are they releasing your highest good? 2. Focus on being your best self And figure out the ways to get there, step by step. 3. Become your own master When you become your own master you are not at the mercy of others decisions and influences. 4. Be your … Continue reading 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Power

Welcome to August 8th, Happy Lion’s Gate Portal Day!

Welcome to the Lions Gate portal, today August 8th! Today we celebrate the star bigger than our Sun itself, called Sirius. Sirius is our real superstar, but don't tell the sun or the moon! It is almost twice the size of our sun, and over 20 times brighter. It aligns with the Earth today. Today … Continue reading Welcome to August 8th, Happy Lion’s Gate Portal Day!

Tips for Dealing with a Toxic Boss

Do you work in a hostile work environment? A few ways to know you are is by vetting your own feelings, and asking yourself the following questions: * Do you dread going into the office? * Do you feel ignored, belittled, or cut down? * Do you feel the target of others frustration or insecurities? … Continue reading Tips for Dealing with a Toxic Boss

Quick Headache Cures

Always consult a doctor if you experience pain, but here are some temporary quick natural and at-home fixes for headaches. 1. Ice Cube on the Face This will clear your lymph nodes and wake you up a bit, giving you a new sense of energy. Try this morning, noon, or night for a quick pick … Continue reading Quick Headache Cures

10 Steps to Break Up

Breaking up is hard to do. Here are ways to make it go a little more smoothly to lighten the blow for both of you. 1. First, it is important to know that it is OK to want to break up with someone. It's part of life. Better sooner than later especially if that person … Continue reading 10 Steps to Break Up

The Cure for the Corporate ‘Carol Baskin’ Effect

If you've watched Tiger King on Netflix already, you know exactly what I am talking about! If you do not, here is a summary of the original Netflix series ahead of time before you read on (I HIGHLY recommend watching the full series too): How is this related to the corporate environment? Well, it's … Continue reading The Cure for the Corporate ‘Carol Baskin’ Effect

Inspirational Quotes

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. - Unknown You must tell yourself, no matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I'm going to make it. - Les Brown Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - … Continue reading Inspirational Quotes

Life’s Timing

We found an old email forward from 2008. Here it goes: First, my car broke down I was very late for work But I missed that awful accident Was that your handiwork? I found a house I loved But others got there first I was angry, then relieved When I heard the pipes had burst! … Continue reading Life’s Timing

Is Free Thought Really Free?

As our media and health outlets continue to sabotage themselves with spreading hate and fear, it's more important then ever to go solo and be your own boss. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, however those that work smart and hard, and also have the passion to help others will succeed. They will also create communities … Continue reading Is Free Thought Really Free?

Identifying Illegal Employment Practices at Work

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. It is illegal for your place of work to make decisions about job assignments and title upgrades based on an employee's race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age, disability or genetic information. Unfair treatment can include … Continue reading Identifying Illegal Employment Practices at Work

Sales Rules for First Greetings

Congratulations, you've booked your first sales call! Now what's next and how should you prep for the call? First do your FULL research on the person, their title, their responsibilities, their background, their company, and try to understand prior to the call what their pain points would or could be. 1. Do not pitch, present, … Continue reading Sales Rules for First Greetings

Acknowledging Your Inner Emperor or Empress

When times are tough it is easy to fall into the night of the shadow mode to heal. This is normal for us to acknowledge our energy, and heal it. No matter how long it takes, it is important to acknowledge your pain and let the energy flow through you. Letting go of emotional pain … Continue reading Acknowledging Your Inner Emperor or Empress

Do The Right Thing And Quit

If your company silenced or flat out ignored the BLM movement, you are at the wrong company bro. Time to quit and start your own business. The worst thing you can do in a movement is support silence. Do the right thing. Peace out. is Off To The Races has recommenced it's media spend this month by doubling down on the LA market with Radio and Youtube buys that promote the site. It's a smart move. Targeting all media into a few hot spots, whether it be a one day or a week flight, when you concentrate media in a smaller time frame … Continue reading is Off To The Races

Doing Dumb Things Faster Again?

You're still doing that? Activity doesn't equal sales, it equals burnout. Judgement is the new segway towards better sales results. Who do you spend your time with? How can I elicit my future clients pain? What do they want? What do they need? How can I be of TRUE value, not perceived value? How are … Continue reading Doing Dumb Things Faster Again?

What MJ Got Right

All I want to say is that, They Don't REALLY Care About Us. Nothing rings more true than it does now. Read these lyrics. Skin head, dead headEverybody gone badSituation, aggravationEverybody allegationIn the suite, on the newsEverybody dog foodBang bang, shot deadEverybody's gone madAll I want to say is thatThey don't really care about usAll … Continue reading What MJ Got Right

I’m the Babe Ruth of Media

If you don't know Babe Ruth I feel bad for you, son. I've got 99 problems but a snake ain't one! Team dynamics is THE most important part of a any organization you join. And as my Aunt Cindy says, when there's time for snakes, you need to bring in the rakes. Any high performance … Continue reading I’m the Babe Ruth of Media

Make Up or Break Up?

Here are some ways to help you listen to your instincts rather then listen to others, as it could be time to cut the cord. Remember most do what is best for themselves. 1. You make up and break up often, and instinctually you know the other person is not the right person for you … Continue reading Make Up or Break Up?

Perfect Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Get your morning started right with these perfect breakfast ideas that leave you satisfied and ready to get your day started! 1. Eggs + Uncured, Sugar Free Bacon Not in that order though as you have to cook the bacon on low heat for about 20 minutes, flipping it midway. After the bacon was drained … Continue reading Perfect Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast Ideas

The Invisible, Now Visible Load of Motherhood

Mother has been my favorite title, even above sister, friend, daughter and more. Becoming a mother also means letting go of your old identity and stepping into your new identity. It is not easy, but it is interesting to define the feelings of motherhood to validate your power. 1. Feeling undervalued 2. Dealing with criticism … Continue reading The Invisible, Now Visible Load of Motherhood

Journal Prompts for Elementary Schoolers

Writing in our journals is a big part of first grade in elementary school. Here are some good journal prompts to help spur a good story for your children. I get excited when... On my first day of school I... If I could be an animal I would be a... People think I am... I … Continue reading Journal Prompts for Elementary Schoolers

First Grade Site Words – Part II

Here is the second set of site words to help children learn the basics for reading and writing below for your convenience. start try brown draw four school why after live people great about find call work where away before how her year again change done over large always country laugh even under house found … Continue reading First Grade Site Words – Part II

First Grade Benchmark Words – Part 1

Here is a full list of all the first grade benchmark words defined by the state for our kids to learn for your convenience. And Go See She The Little Play With You For Have Jump No One Are Look My Said Two Come Here To Of Put Saw This Want What Do Now Went … Continue reading First Grade Benchmark Words – Part 1

Back to HomeSchooling Tips for the New Year

We are all in this together! Here are some tips to transition your children back into school in August/September that will help you keep your cool, AND get ahead of the game! 1. Buy Headphones Like legit ones. Beats by Dre or others may have higher volumes than actual kid headphones, but I would check … Continue reading Back to HomeSchooling Tips for the New Year

6 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Your credit score helps you do great things, like buying a house, buying a car, paying for school, and overall helps you become better at living. We found 6 ways to boost your credit score, here we go: 1. Make minimum payments on time Each credit card has automated payments available. We recommend automating these … Continue reading 6 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Harmful Behaviors Good Leaders Should Not Support

1. Devaluing others that challenge your personal agenda You want to be surrounded by those smarter than you, or you will not learn and progress. Embracing the fact that you don't know it all is imperative to stimulate infinite and continual learning. You want to hire those smarter than you to keep your business up … Continue reading Harmful Behaviors Good Leaders Should Not Support

The Dangers of Broad Generalization

Let's talk about the harm in broadly generalizing people and putting them into specific categories that may not fully encompass them. The categorization and organization of people, places, and things have been there since the beginning of time for help of survival. How is this so? We organized our homes and offspring to help them … Continue reading The Dangers of Broad Generalization

The Benefits of an Elite Mindset

By defining the elite mindset, we need to understand what an average mindset is. AVERAGE MINDSET They see failure as the end all be all, and tell themselves to just give up. They focus on feelings that they can control, but say they cannot. They use the phrase I HAVE TO. You don't have to … Continue reading The Benefits of an Elite Mindset