Welcome to the Lions Gate portal, today August 8th!

Today we celebrate the star bigger than our Sun itself, called Sirius.

Sirius is our real superstar, but don’t tell the sun or the moon! It is almost twice the size of our sun, and over 20 times brighter. It aligns with the Earth today.

Today it can be seen from the earth and it’s the closest it’s going to get to the earth all year long.

Historically this day goes back to ancient Egyptian times and is known as the luckiest day of the year as the light opens up our natural portal to the divine.

Meditation at 8:08am or 8:08pm is highly recommended, but anytime will do! Here is a kundalini awakening video for you below:

Why is it important? It relates to energy shifts, and especially now, it is a challenging time for all of us. There is an awakening happening on the planet.

We will see a long and intense amount of light in the sign of Leo. The Lion is the sign of Leo and this extra light, where we had to do deep shadow work.

We were asked to reevaluate our relationships, our career, and our existence in the world.

Sirius is coming to rescue us, and this portal comes in to rescue us and we are being trained to be more powerful.

When you deep dive into yourself, your power and your internal light gets stronger.

We have been healing deep issues that we’ve learned and it’s a big tipping point to show us how powerful we really are.

Today is important to regain your personal power, and connect with your true self. Shedding all the pains and worries of the first half of the year.

As we come out of our caves we’ve put ourselves in this year, we should allow ourselves to heal the last little blockages that are preventing us from coming into our personal power.

What ways do you talk yourself down? What ways have you sabotaged yourself? What parts have you recognized that are not working towards your highest good?

Let’s do the work and keep our energy fluid, allowing the Lions Gate energy to heal you and allow you to come into your personal power. It’s time to be the best version of yourself.

Astronomy and astrological science is real. It’s time to realize who you are, and remember who you are.

Don’t be afraid, and stand in your power today.

Happy 8/8!