With COVID making it difficult to travel, we have improvised and have pursued local trips to support local hotels and restaurants that have to go options.

After this year, we still have a ton of places we’d like to travel.

Here’s our list

1. Scotland

The motherland, where my grandmother and grandfather were born.

2. France

Haven’t done Paris or the wine country and would like to check out both.

3. Italy

The other motherland, my other grandfather was born in Capri and come to the US in the early 1900’s.

4. Virgin Islands

Any one will do at this point.

5. Kerala, India

Where Vasco de Gama sailed to, and where I am thinking about sailing to today.

6. Thailand

In need of some spicy noodles, stat.

7. Seattle, Washington

Never been, but loved Sleepless in Seattle.

8. Macchu Pichu

Still looking for that extra credit my Spanish teachers said I’d get if I visited it. Thanks Mr. Bergson and Dr. Antonio Cao!