Fresh Watermelon Margaritas

Fresh watermelon margaritas are the cure for Taco Tuesdays or a day of fun and relaxation.

This is a winning recipe that you’ll absolutely love! Best part is that if you like your margaritas spicy, you can simply add a little jalapeno juice and sliced jalapenos in it to spice it up.

First, the rim will need salt. You need to dip it in lemon or lime juice and then use sea salt and paprika mixed together, then add a lime and or mint on the side. We have fresh mint in our garden that we just pull out!

Second, the actual drink! You are going to need fresh watermelon, agave liquid, your favorite tequila (I love Casamigos), and jalapenos with a little jalapenos juice from the glass jar.

Make sure you put all of these ingredients raw in the blender for the best effect, and add a few ice cubes too.

I would recommend one tequila shot per drink, as you’ll definitely want more than one.


Bored Kids? Activities for the Cure

1. Beads + String

Oh the good ole, The Who song Beads on a String! If you can find a bag of beads and some string, you have a lengthy activity for your kids to enjoy and get creative.

2. Planting

Have a plot of land nearby? Wonderful. Dig up some holes and plant some seeds. Make sure you read the instructions on indoor growth if need be, as some plants take a month or so to germinate inside prior to planting in the ground. Also watch where you plant them, some require full sun, some part sun, so better to plant them where they will thrive.

3. Water Plants

Already have plants? Perfect. It’s chore time. Get them to water money plants, trees, flowers, grass, any thing to get them outdoors and in the soil.

4. Painting + Drawing Outside

Set it up with either paper on the ground or if you have a table that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, set it up!

5. Outdoor Games

Red light, green light. Mother May I. Spud. These were all really fun outdoor games that require the kids alone or a ball. Do you know which one requires a ball? If so, you were probably born in the 80s.

6. Board Games

Candy Land. Twister. Giant Connect Fours. These all exist.

7. Washing Windows + Vaccuuming

If they are old enough, they need to chip in and learn the value of a little elbow grease.

8. Dance Party USA

Have a solid music mix you can tolerate? Put it on and get those kids dancing! You can even play freeze dance if they can pause the music themselves.

9. Push Up or Sit Up Contest

Let’s get physical, physical.

10. Water Play

Sprinklers. Slip and slides. Mini pools. This may need supervision however it is a good long term option to get them out and about.

11. Pick Up Sticks

This is the last resort boredom cure, but it works. Get your kids to collect sticks in a pile for kindling to start your outdoor fire or for your fire place as you never know when you’ll need it.

12. Jumping Jacks

Who can do the most jumping jacks? Winner gets a prize. We’ll clap for you.

13. Card Games

Go Fish. Uno. Flash cards. Get them gambling early.

14. Spelling Bee Contest

Whoever wins, we will make you king of the neighborhood for a day.

15. Capture the Flag

Each team gets a flag and they need to sneak into each others side to steal the flag and get it back to their territory safely.

How did we do? Let us know if there are any others we missed?

10 Things Successful Sales People Ask Themselves Everyday

Sales is like being an elite athlete. You have to fail often, and fix the fails fast as you go.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 10 questions the best sellers out there ask themselves when selling their product or pitch.

1. How can I help this company or person?

2. What is this company or person missing that I may be able to provide?

3. What creative angle can I spin to get my lead interested in working with me?

4. What can I do to improve myself, my company or future partners needs?

5. Do I believe in myself?

6. Do I believe in my product?

7. Am I focused on the right leads?

8. How can I do better today?

9. What am I missing?

10. What would I do if I were in my customers shoes?

Once you ask yourselves these honest questions with truth and purpose, you’ll find your way and your purpose.

What have you done this year to find your purpose and your best pitch? What process do you keep that makes you the best?