Parents are really getting pushed to the limits these days.

Many that do not have families and pets to distract them from doing work on the daily were lucky when the pandemic hit, as they could have uninterrupted silence.

Now parents are forced to work from home and teach their children via Zoom classes that are no way independent for my children.

We are forced to look at a screen and grab supplies at every new turn. Then after the post-traumatic Zoom class, we are assigned independent work which is dependent on the parents.

Raz Kids and ST Math are great language and math apps for younger kids, and we continue to strive to do our best to be patient and teach are children.

Outside in mid Los Angeles County there is mass looting going on in local grocery and drug stores. It was 99 degrees fahrenheit yesterday and 84 degrees fahrenheit today, but it feels like 110 degrees with the humidity.

What can parents do for a break these days? Do you feel like you are being punished for having kids?

There should certainly be another stimulus for the country, especially for those that do not currently have jobs. There should also be a stipend for all families as they navigate the new normal and teach their kids at home.

We need tax refunds for all the money the districts are saving, as a majority of families did not have more than a rents worth of cash to float the boat.

Show me the money!

OK, over and out.