It’s been a crazy year for those parents that have children and had to homeschool them.

There have been limitations on going outside of the house without a mask, most parks and restaurants are still closed. This makes it difficult to entertain kids, but it also makes it difficult for us to get some alone time ourselves.

Here are some ways you and your significant other can take a healthy needed break from the house, while practicing social distancing too.

1. Coffee Break

We were lucky to discover a drive thru Dunkin’ Donuts near us, and it seems Starbucks has some as well. This makes it convenient for you to safely grab a cup of joe, while in the safety of your car. Don’t forget to wear your mask in the drive thru as they are requiring it for yours and others safety.

2. Podcast Break

There are so many great new podcasts out there for whatever subject you are into nowadays. Sword and Stone is a great horror podcast that narrates real life scary stories, and you can do it either in the comfort of your car or on a daily walk. Sebastian Maniscalco has a show called the Pete & Sebastion Show that’s a podcast that was picked up by iHeart radio, however you can stream it on YouTube as well. I highly recommend it as comedy is the best form of medicine.

3. Lunch Break

Genghis Cohen is a lovely chinese restaurant nearby us in Los Angeles, and we went to pick up a wonton, shrimp, chicken, and vegetable soup that was delicious. I parked under a shaded tree nearby, put a few packets of soy sauce in it for flavor and enjoyed it in the comfort of my own car. Bon apetito!

4. Car Wash Break

Some hand wash car washes are now closed however there are few automated or laser car washes that are still open. Getting the car washed every week or every other week is great to keep your car clean, but also gives you that much needed break from the kids.

5. CVS Life Break

You can still browse for random products and food in CVS with a mask. Sometimes I will go on the non-peak times like 2pm or 10am, and just walk around and browse to see if there is anything I can buy that is not very costly but can help me relax. I’ve definitely bought Josh Cherry Wine, but also have gone for the facial masks that are super luxurious for when you get home. They also sell bath salts, nail files, tweezers and other fun stuff to keep your self refreshed and healthy during this time.

6. The Beach Break

Many public beaches are open now, and as long as you social distance you should be A-OK. We like to drive to those beaches that have paid parking just to remain safe and off the main roads. Don’t forget to bring the sand toys and beach toys, along with snacks and water. We drive thru McDonald’s and grab either breakfast sandwiches or Hamburger Happy Meals with Chocolate Milks and the kids are full and happy which prelongs the trip there. There are showers there as well so if the water is too cold to jump in, the outdoor showers are nice and warm. It’s refreshing. If you want to conquer this solo too, do it! It’s important to not feel guilty taking a break as the more relaxed and refreshed you are, the more your children will enjoy you too!

7. Massage Break

Some massage parlors are safe and open for business now. If you call around you’ll find a few nearby your house that are taking appointments. The one near us has special instructions, as they only allow 2 people in at a time however it is worth it.

What other ways are you taking a break?