Who wants to live forever?

Medical science may have the cure for death.

More recently we came across information that scientists were able to bring a pig back to life after being dead for a month. True or False? Could have been another case of fake news.

Either way we were able to do our research and found the Top 10 Longest and Shortest life expectancy rate by country ranked below.

Let’s start with the lowest ranked countries first.

1. Central Africa at 50 years old for average life expectancy rate.

2. Lesotho

3. Chad

4. Sierra Leone

5. Nigeria

6. Cote D’ivoire

7. South Sudan

8. Guinea Bassau

9. Equatorial Guinea

10. Cameroon peaks at the average 59 years old.

Highest life longevity countries starting with the longest, highest one first.

1. Hong Kong averages in at a whopping 84 years old.

2. Japan

3. Switzerland

4. Singapore

5. Italy

6. Spain

7. Australia

8. Austria

9. Israel

10. South Korea averages at an average 83 years old.