Lionel Messi Wants Out of Barcelona Soccer Team

Will he join his home country of Argentina instead?

Time will tell.

Messi announced his intent to leave the Barcelona Soccer Team this week in effort to start the shift process to join a new team.

But what team will he be looking to join?

My guess is his home country of Argentina.

He is only 33 years old now, so he could have upwards of 15 years left in him.

Messi is an international superstar and really put soccer on the map for many worldwide.

With his sharp moves and agile intent, he strives to be at the top of his game daily.

The pressure of an elite athlete is immense and drives many to work hard towards self discipline and self worth.

Perfection is attainable only through daily consistent training and time.

He has put in his 30 years of time.

What will be Messi’s next move?


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