1. Ms. Pacman

Bye Mr. Pacman. You’re toast.

2. Princess Peach

Super Mario Brothers, move over for the TRUE superstar!

3. Chun-Li

She is the best on this list. Street Fighter II is the best game of all time. Discuss.

4. Jade

She’ll kick your @ss. Mortal Combat style. And. You’re. Dead.

5. Rikku

Your Final Fantasy. Death by Rikku.

6. Princess Zelda

Everyone wants to save the princess. Dur.

7. Black Widow

The Avengers have discovered every woman’s secret double life lady.

8. Catwoman

Because no one puts Maggie in the corner. Or out the window.

9. Jill Valentine

Evil beware. Resident evil style karate chop.

10. Princess Rosalina

Her tall stature and otherworldly abilities makes her a dangerous woman to mess with…