Immigrants do not have any good options as the recession roles out.

Bloomberg announced that over 200,000 immigrants have lost their H1-B visa status in June due to the recession, link to article here.

With over 40 million people in the US without jobs due to our health crisis COVID, many of these job losses are also negatively affecting talented immigrants that only have bad options as this awful year roles out.

These awful choices include:

*Going home, where the purpose of leaving was to find new opportunity that was not given to them in their previous environment.

* Enrolling in a masters program to get a temporary student visa as the recession roles out, but this racks up a large amount of debt, stress and time.

* They marry either another employed H1-B visa holder or American citizen, which can be held up in the courts as there are already delays on lawsuits and filings.

This negatively effects all of us by creating systemic fear in our system that leads to corporate warfare and familial stress.

It blocks global talent from major economic drivers, especially some of the bigger corporations like Alphabet, Microsoft, and Facebook.

It leads to hostile work environments with bad, competitive, and dirty politics. Where others are wrongfully terminated through a web of lies and receipt for others gain.

These are all immediate issues that need to be addressed this election year.

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