Keep Your Sanity (KPS) HomeSchooling Schedule for All Families

1. Wake Up

2. Brush Teeth

3. Change clothes

4. Eat breakfast

5. Start thinking about journal topic, and write four sentences

6. Email teacher good morning video and explain your journal

7. Start course work on Schoology

8. Finish course work on Schoology

9. Math Lessons on ST Math or Raz Kids Apps

10. Typing Lessons on

11. More Creative Writing Lessons

12. Then Mom takes a break 😉 and Dad starts next learning experience and break time

13. Lunch Time

14. Group Lesson with class and teacher

15. Break time outside for everyone

16. Break time for Mom 1-2 hours

17. Break time for Dad 1-2 hours

18. Work time for Mom for 3 hours

19. Work time for Dad for 3 hours

20. Dinner Time

21. Bath Time

22. Rest time for all in bedrooms

23. Good night!

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