If you have not heard of Nookazon yet, you might as well be living under a rock.

Nookazon is the jelly to the peanut butter sandwich of love that makes Animal Crossing Nintendo’s third grossing game of all time.

New Horizons players can trade the exact items they need to get to the next project in the game, which can be played on PC or Console.

You can find art, brushes, clothing, DIY recipes, furniture, fruits, listings, and they have over 270k active users daily.

Apparently the whole Nookazon site started in a Discord room, where the owner knew he needed to bring it out and about the the world wide web.

They have a moderation system and when there are shade balls trying to take advantage they are flagged as shady instead of kicked out altogether. I guess the philosophy is that they want as man y users as they can get.

The trades are not money based rather merit based. Some items for Animal Crossing are sold on Ebay for up to $100, maybe more on a rainy day.

He is eventually looking to move to an app and a server other than Discord that can handle the huge amount of traffic it gets.

What is the next Discord? Or will Discord improve?

Where will we go from here?