Who will reign supreme in the home goods war?

I am getting mixed reviews from friends and family on this question, so I dare to ask you as well.

What company are you ordering from this year?

With coronavirus flu spreading like fire, we’ve all made significant shifts to our daily routines.

I have not been to the grocery store myself since February and have been lucky enough to have a partner that helps me out in that department.

We are sticking with WholeFoods.com Amazon’s grocery hub, but also ordering from the site too for the basics like toilet paper.

Problem is that Amazon’s algorithm promotes what is best for them making money rather than whats best for the consumer.

We have been led astray to companies like Target.com and Walmart.com that have a ton of cheaper options with less delivery overhead.

They also have the pick up at location option that people love too as it gets them out of the house.

What companies are you purchasing from now? Would love to hear your mojo too! The more the merrier.