Clearing Space + Energy for Progress

2020 has been a tough year for many, and now it is time for us to gain our independence.

With one step at a time, we can give ourselves permission and space for growth and healing to clear out the old and bring in the new.

Don’t wait for permission from anyone to create your space to get started, and shoot for reciprocation in all relationships, be it business, personal, or intimate relationships.

Embrace your decision and begin something new.

Everything you’ve done to this point is exactly perfect.

Trust yourself, awaken your energy, and don’t be afraid of the change now.

It is important to embrace change, and be patient with yourself for a rebirth.

Transformation does not happen in one day, it is first necessary to let go of all stagnant energy.

Sometimes it is time to move on, and although difficult there will be love again.

There are also people that are looking to support you.

Do not rush your transformation, and care for yourself.

Whatever you had to prove to others has been proven, and know now that this is enough.

It’s okay now to live for you.

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