The gaming industry is brutal. Gamers are competitive. Gamers want to win. Some gamers will do ANYTHING to win.

And here comes Epic Games.

Epic Games is suing Apple for not appropriately giving them a great rev share on the Apple store.

Apple can realistically charge whatever they want.

It’s their site.

It’s their product.

They flexed on this company and now Fortnite, one of the top grossing games of all time for youngsters has been removed from the Apple store.

Will Google be next?

First Tik Tok app is removed, then WeChat.

What apps will be next in the tech war?

Any Chinese based invested companies are at risk.

Snap, Reddit, Activision, even Apple and Microsoft based companies that have relationships with China could be threatened.

What other applications do you use that are Chinese based?

The main flex on China has to do with both Google and Facebook being fully blocked for use from the Chinese government due to national security threats.

How can we play nice and be friends with China again? They have supported us in many ways. What are your thoughts?