1. Devaluing others that challenge your personal agenda

You want to be surrounded by those smarter than you, or you will not learn and progress. Embracing the fact that you don’t know it all is imperative to stimulate infinite and continual learning. You want to hire those smarter than you to keep your business up to date, which in turn leads to happy employees, happy wives, happy husbands, happy clients, and happy P&L statements.

2. Fighting with colleagues

Creating false narratives that serve yourself only is obvious in the corporate setting, and stem from your own insecurities. When you fight with colleagues, you are a liability to the business and create a hostile work environment. When you create false narratives continuously and say a lie long enough, it becomes not only your false truth but others as well. Many editors and writers understand this very well. When you put down others for your own self gain, the rest of the company will see your selfish agenda and will leave your company.

3. Not holding yourself accountable

Giving credit to those that deserve it is key to keeping long term employees and building trust and safety in your organization is critical.

4. Taking credit for others achievements

Give credit to those that do the work.

5. Lying about facts continuously for your own dominance

Manipulating financials and data for your own personal gain will only make you look bad in the long run. This is common among those threatened by others knowledge and can get you in major legal binds, especially when you manipulate numbers for your own financial gain rather than the greater good of the company.

What injustices have you seen in the corporate setting and how has that influenced your own lives? Let me know in the comments below, as having the conversation allows the truth to prevail.