Freshwater Lobsters? WTF

Okay so basically, we had our minds blown recently.

We were minding our own business in a freshwater lake, and all of a sudden we came across a baby freshwater lobster.

Then we thought, wait a dang minute.

Do freshwater lobsters really exist?

We did our due diligence, and asked around town.

Freshwater lobsters are actually technically called crayfish.

Crayfish only live in freshwater mountain lakes.

They are also dubbed crawdads, or pleasantly nicknamed as mountain lobsters.

What is the difference between crayfish and lobsters you ask?

Well good, let me tell you.

Lobsters live in saltwater, crayfish live in freshwater technically.

Prawns and shrimp also live in saltwater only.

I am starting to feel like an adult from this post.

Here’s a low quality clip of this baby crawfish we caught today:

Have you seen crawdads before?

Have you eaten them?

We have yet to eat them, but are definitely interested in hearing you thoughts on opinions.

If they taste anything like lobster, I’m in!

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  1. KDKH says:

    My kids love to catch them near our home!

    1. Teach a kid how to fish, they are set for life? Hahaha, that’s awesome KDKH!

      1. KDKH says:

        They caught them with their hands, played with them for a minute or two, then let them go. No need to keep them; they are fascinating creatures.

      2. They are brave! Mine wouldn’t go near them, but my husband made the video. They ARE beautiful creatures, and it was nice to see a little baby pop out of the water. 🙂