Mother has been my favorite title, even above sister, friend, daughter and more.

Becoming a mother also means letting go of your old identity and stepping into your new identity.

It is not easy, but it is interesting to define the feelings of motherhood to validate your power.

1. Feeling undervalued

2. Dealing with criticism from external and internal sources

3. Never being off the clock

4. Lack of adult relationships

5. Lack of adult meaningful, and philosophical conversations

6. Invisible cloak continues at work too

7. Identity loss, identity gain

8. Feeling need to justify everything you do, and explain why

9. Neverending work

10. Defending your choices and decisions constantly

11. Guilt about not earning enough income

12. Envy others that get to go out

13. Imbalance of work load in the home

Have I covered them all? This is a woman’s work. Stay strong ladies!