Congratulations, you’ve booked your first sales call! Now what’s next and how should you prep for the call? First do your FULL research on the person, their title, their responsibilities, their background, their company, and try to understand prior to the call what their pain points would or could be.

1. Do not pitch, present, or sell on the first call. BUT qualify them.

Try to understand what their pain points may be, and whether or not they’d ACTUALLY QUALIFY with your product or service.

2. Ask RELEVANT questions, then LISTEN.

Repeat back a few word summary of what they say as affirmation

3. Then ask more questions on their least favorite part of their job, and take detailed notes.

Questions like what are you having trouble with now, or what have you been working on this week, or what is your first priority comes to mind.

4. Answer with WE instead of I.

No one cares about you. They care about how you and your company can HELP them live a better life.

5. Enlighten them of the NEW PATH they could possibly take after the call.

This could be either on the follow up email, or you can book a follow up call if they qualified on the first call.

Longterm partnerships should not be rushed. So don’t rush in, as fools rush in. 😉