You are truly blessed.

You are a Mom, and a Parent, but you may not be doing things the way others do it.

And that’s OK!

Everything that you do may not be right for someone else, and it’s time to accept it and start uniting and embracing parenting differences to make the world a better place.

The reality is if you feel you are being mom shamed, you most likely are, and it’s probably happening to you.

Here are 5 ways to disarm those mom shamer’s fast so that you can go on with the rest of your day:

1. Don’t engage in mom shaming especially as a mom yourself.

We are all doing our best, and if not there is probably something else going on that you may not know about. Be kind, offer help. Gossip kills.

2. Ask Questions

The question method is such a solid technique as it never fails, and always puts the other in the hot seat. Things like, thanks for the recommendation, how do you do it? People are looking to give advice, even when it’s not welcome.

3. Know that it stems from deep insecurities from the mom shamer

We never know if we are really doing a good job as a mom, as there is no playbook that’s given to us as we start and grow a family. This freedom leaves us victim to learn as we go, and it’s not easy.

4. Know that you are good enough

Self love is key and accepting yourself for who you are is key.

5. You have control over the people you interact with, choose wisely.

Vet your emotions, how do you feel when talking to a friend? Do you feel happy or worse? If it’s the later you may want to reevaluate those in your inner circle and hang with those that support your greatest good.

Remember, if you are reading this you are doing a great job!

Blessings and love!