5 Ways to Respect Yourself

1. Don’t let others bully you

Vet your emotions after each interaction with others. Do you trust them? Do they have your best self in mind? If not, they need to be cancelled.

2. Set boundaries (and keep them)

You are only one person, and cannot help anyone if you do not take care of yourself first. Take care of yourself and others will be more inclined to as well.

3. Respect Yourself

You are perfect in God’s way. You were created in the universe because you have something to contribute to it. And only you can discover that purpose and run with it to be your best self.

4. Respect Others by Respecting Yourself

Most people that do not respect you, do not have respect for themselves too. Respect yourself, and others will follow. If someone disrespects you more than once, you are disrespecting yourself.

5. Love Yourself + Heal Yourself + Be Grateful

Healing is intentional. You have to do the work and no one else can do it for you. Self healing is hard. Self healing takes patience. Self healing takes time. Self healing is rewarding. Working with others to help you self heal is necessary by therapist, friends, family, and community. Everyone is replaceable in the sense that you have the control over the people you allow into your zone. Choose wisely.

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