Save yourself.

Our health and media outlets have been extraordinarily overwhelming for all, so much so that we no longer visit our normal sites for fear of triggers.

I started to vet the way I felt after reading articles and browsing the web. And it wasn’t pretty.

It made me tired, anxious, and overwhlemed.

Then I knew what I had to do.

Block all incoming messaging by limiting my screen time, limiting my conversations with family and friends, and focusing in on how to be my best self while taking care of my family.

COVID-19, a form of SARS that appeared previously in 2003, has negatively affected all this year too.

At the opposite side of fear, is the ability to take my work and family life back.

I was away from my family for 11 hours a day, having only an hour or two with my kids and husband then slept.

I have never had the time to raise my kids, and never made the time for fear of not being able to financially sustain the household.

I have gotten to know my husband and family more.

I have gotten back to me.