1. Green Tea

Same leaves that are used for the annoying Matcha, hot green tea is from the camillia sinensis plant. It is dried and tea bagged in hot water. Then you drink it.

2. Colloidal Silver

Well documented for it’s antimicrobial agents, it is known to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

3. Olive Branch Extract

Parasitic protozoans, fungi, and bacteria can all be cured with it, and it helps cure viruses too.

4. Amazon Tree Bark (Pau D’Arco)

Break it up and boil in tea, and drink away your pain and sorrow.

5. Garlic

It keeps the vampires in Translyvania away too.

6. Licorice

Good + Plenty got one half right, one half wrong when they added sugar to their licorice.

7. Washing Your Hands

Lather that soap, Karen. You have twenty seconds to soap up, and 20 seconds to rinse. God speed.

8. St John’s Wort

Sounds gross, but cures you. Isn’t it ironic?

9. Elderberry

Make your own cough syrup with this powerful antiviral agent that keeps you happy, and not sick.

10. Mask

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Jesus.

11. Echinacea

It works.

12. Warm Lemon Water

Good to drink first thing in the morning as a natural diuretic.

13. Tumeric

Cures all, can be added to poultry and beef.

14. Red Chili Powder

Mix this into your next stew, and love yourself.