1. Paint the sidewalks with water

You have paintbrushes and water, right? Whip ’em out and let the creativity flow!

2. Gardening, Weeding, Digging and Planting

If you have seeds, get the kids to dig holes and plant the seeds. No seeds, no problem. Plant popcorn kernels or carraway seeds, it’s almost the same thing.

3. Sprinkler Water Fun

Get the bathing suits and the sprinklers out! Hours of fun without the worry.

4. Let the good times roll with red rover, red-light green-light, mother may I, or kick the can

5. Limbo lower now

Group Limbo party.

6. Ice cube on spoon

She whose melts the fastest.

7. Board Games like Sorry!, Chutes and Ladders, Twister, or Uno

The classics.

8. Nature Detective

Find every leaf and rock in your neighborhood.

9. Water Balloons

Also a party favorite.

10. Make a water table using a plastic tub on a stool

Fun for hours.