We are all in this together! Here are some tips to transition your children back into school in August/September that will help you keep your cool, AND get ahead of the game!

1. Buy Headphones

Like legit ones. Beats by Dre or others may have higher volumes than actual kid headphones, but I would check them out on Amazon and test them prior to getting into the school year.

2. Set a Daily Learning Space

They need to have a consistent schedule like you. I’d set aside a space where the kids can learn daily that will help you and them be the most productive they can be. Since my husband and I work from home, and I work from my bedroom, he works downstairs at his desk. We’ve decided to bring in an ottoman and chairs so they can work comfortably at their pace in the same room. If you have another room I’d suggest putting them in separate rooms if possible.

3. Buy School Supplies Now

School supplies like fresh new crayons, pencils, journals, notebooks, folders, etc. should all be purchased now, and hidden away from them so they have the feeling they are transitioning well back into real school just like you’d do if you were sending them out of the house for school.

4. Set Time for Yourself

This is tough, especialy for mothers. If you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT), take time to step away and process your feelings so the energy can fall through you and you feel fresh and rejuvenated, ready for a new you and a new year.

5. Leave Perfect Behind You

No one is perfect. Say it with me again. No one is perfect. What is perfect however is what is best for you and your family and it won’t be the same from person to person.

6. Do your best, and that’s good enough

We are all doing the best we can this year as humans in the world. The best way to support others is filling your cup first before filling others.

What have we missed? Please share your advice on prepping for the school year through homeschooling, we’d love to strengthen our community here by getting involved in the comments.