How To Be Happy per Seneca

1. Inner Potential is Infinite and Your Decision to Master Yourself

Don’t worry stuff outside of your control.

2. Accept Whatever Happens

Don’t deny pain, accept it and move on to the next opportunity. Reactions, actions,and judgements are the only things we can control.

3. Take responsibility for yourself

Stoicism teaches us we are in control of our unhappiness and happiness. Stimulus and reactions do not need to actioned on. Let it be. Getting angry at traffic is not productive, take charge of your reactions. Express your higher self always.

4. Anger and Hostility is fundamentally unreasonable and unnatural

It’s extreme and a temporary madness, anger.

5. Have a plan and be mindful of our purpose

No wind is favorable for an ill prepared sailboat. You have the choice to design your own future.

6. Avoid what the crowd does, and do whats best for you

Anyone that does not follow the crowd it naturally normal, and happiness comes from within. When we are all different, we should embrace our individuality and be ourselves.

7. Wealth is the master of a fool

Don’t become a slave to money.

8. Be mindful, be present

Every day is the best day of your life.

9. Blind Kindness + Giving without Return is Joyful


10. We are forever young

Souls are infinite, be that inner baby.

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