If you’ve watched Tiger King on Netflix already, you know exactly what I am talking about! If you do not, here is a summary of the original Netflix series ahead of time before you read on (I HIGHLY recommend watching the full series too):

How is this related to the corporate environment? Well, it’s war! And women are often the main target.

Survival of the fittest is corporate at its best, especially on the top. If you don’t strike first, you’ll be left for the wolves. Or as Donald Trump would say, you’re fired.

The Black Lives Matter movement inspired a global awakening to the narratives we’ve been programmed to believe, and has helped us understand how to shift those narratives.

For example, many believe in the patriarchal system due to our school programming like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc. All of the leaders we see are men growing up, so we inherently respect a man in a leadership position due to this programming.

When a woman steps into power, these years of conditioning tell us that the woman is not right for the position. It’s like our brains playing Uno with themselves. If you don’t get a match, you lose.

Even when a woman is overqualified for the position, the mass effect is that she is not a good fit.

So this brings us to the ‘Carol Baskin’ effect in corporate. Women are often publically thrown under the bus when a company is not performing. Marissa Mayer, the former CEO of Yahoo!, is a great example of the ‘Carol Baskin’ effect.

The media kept saying she was incompetent, although she had an extensive engineering and corporate history. If she wasn’t qualified for the job, why would they hire her in the first place? Just to take her down?

Spoiler alert the Tiger King ends up in prison for trying to kill his competitor zookeeper, which was a separate zoo owned by the one and only, Carol Baskin.

What narratives have you accepted this year, and how have you shifted your environment for the betterment of yourself and your environment?