Here are some ways to help you listen to your instincts rather then listen to others, as it could be time to cut the cord. Remember most do what is best for themselves.

1. You make up and break up often, and instinctually you know the other person is not the right person for you in the long run.

Rather than waste this persons valuable time it is best to move on if your gut is telling you you are not with the right one.

2. You don’t fully trust the person, not out of your own insecurities but there is visible proof of infidelity.

Also trusting your gut instincts are key here as well.

3. Is your partner able to be honest with you?

If not, and the honesty is not reciprocated, it’s probably good to commit to the break up.

4. Commit to your decision, pony up!

Flipping back and forth to yes and no I do or do not want to be with the person is not healthy for both of you. Committing to your decision and following through is crucial to respect yourself and honor your feelings.

5. Can you be honest with your partner forever?

Or is this just a temporary fix relationship for you? If it is a known temporary partnership, its better to step away and work on your independence and maturity.

6. Does he/she respect the other sex whether it be male/female?

If he hates his parents, it’s probably a good sign that he has relationship scars that can only be healed by themselves. You cannot do the healing for he/she.

7. Do you have an emergency plan?

If you don’t have an emergency cash fund if you are living with the person, it’s best to start it today. Wendy Williams calls it the F@$% You Fund, ha! This means you needs to get your things together and get out quick, just like Seinfeld says like a bandaid, right off!

8. Show Love, Compassion, and Take Ownership

If there is lying and cheating going on, it’s best to respect yourself and move on. I have seen long term relationships where the person has no respect for the other for years. This is a damn shame because life is short and should be meant to live happily. Take ownership for your decision and make plans ahead of time for a clean break.

Has this helped you make your decision? Will you break up or make up?