What to do on your First Day at Work

Congratulations!  You got the job!  Amazing stuff.

Your interviews were a hit and you were offered the job based on your skill and merit. Every job you have had before has prepped you for this day.  Also every manager and overall personality type you have encountered until now has prepped you for this as well!  You just don’t know it yet.  Although they say our public schools are failing us, one thing our schools do do without us even being aware of it then is have us interact and grow with people similar and different from us. These characteristics in high school teach us how to interact with different personality types and how to manage that interaction.


When we enter the work world it can be really scary to walk into a new office and not be aware of the personality types, where people are mentally in their jobs, whether or not they are happy with their current manager or employment situation. Either way don’t fret, this is a good basic list of things you can do on your first day on the job even if you are scared.  This list will help you be prepared, confident and ready to take on the new challenges the job may bring your way.

1. Look the part and project high energy!

Dress for success.  This is your first day and it can have a long lasting image on you for your time at the job.  Some experts say that the first day can make or break relationships, so you want to be dressed professionally.  Even if you already got the job, some say this is an extension of the interviewing process.  You should either be in a suit or professional business casual wear, with an enthusiastic attitude to match.


If you are a woman, don’t overdo the makeup, if you are a man, make sure you are cleanly shaven with a semi fresh new haircut.  You want to look polished even though you may be nervous.  I would also be sure to eat breakfast or keep a power bar in your pocket as I find I am more nervous when I am not well fed.


2. Do your research.

Make sure you know the basics of what the company does before you walk in.  Also try to memorize some of the management and who reports to who on LinkedIn before you go, so you have some common things to discuss.  Maybe you worked at the same company before, maybe you went to the same college, maybe you lived in a certain area at a time.  No need to go overboard, but get a basic knowledge about the company ahead of time.


Also what questions will you have about your job ahead of time?  For example, I am walking into a tech sales job so I know as a salesperson it is good to know a few things, for example, how many ad demand partners do you have at the moment, what differentiates us from our competitors (I know some, but good to get the teams perspective as well), what publishers are currently working with us and what makes them special? All these I will have prepped with me, so that in the introductory meeting we can review together and it looks like I came prepared and ready to work.  But not in an over aggressive way.  Although you are probably ready to hit the ground running, I would say the first day is almost like a cocktail hour.  You want to introduce yourself and get to know each person even if a little but.  Few minutes tops so they can continue with their work day.

3.  Relax, smile and be ready to listen.

This is the hardest part in my book.  I find that when I am nervous I just internalize a lot of the nervousness and become shy.  Now is the time to ask questions and be friendly, but don’t look too overly driven as nobody likes an over achiever (even if you are).  I would make sure you are smiling in a good approachable mood, positive and ready to take action if someone asks for you to do something.


It is important to catch the tone and mood of the group socially, so you can understand who is who in the company.  It will take some time to get an idea of who is who in the company, but you will have the next months to figure this out.  I would take notes as the HR manager reviews the company and it’s bearings.  Be attentive, put your phone away and give the respect due to he or she as she reviews the company.

4.  Be ready to pitch yourself, your experience and how you got here in a minute or less.

Now is the time to introduce yourself to your peers.  This is a crucial time for you to give an impression that could last even after you decide to leave this job for another. Be prepared to share your previous work experience, while staying high energy and positive.  Be confident, but not overly confident where you come off like a cocky jerk.  You want your peers also in that same meeting to understand your qualifications and career highlights before you came to your new job, and how you are set up for success to do really well here to grow the business.  Keep your communication clear, friendly, high energy and positive.


5.  Hide your phone, turn in on silent, check your posture and be yourself.

You deserve this job, and your previous interviewers know the same.  Keep attentive, so good to ditch your phone and leave it on silent in your bag.  If you have to check it, use the restroom.  Make sure it is set on vibration or silent mode which is even better.  You do not want to disturb the company by taking calls on your first day.  Also check your posture.  Standing up straight is a sign of confidence, and others will grab a great professional image of you.


Overall, congrats on your first day of work!  You worked hard to get here, and now is your chance to shine!  Be respectful, be attentive, be clear communicatively, and kick ass!   Respect!



2018 Super Bowl 52 – Fun Facts

With the Lombardi trophy up for grabs for tomorrow’s Super Bowl LII, or 52 for those who forgot the fancy roman numerals, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will fight for the title tomorrow at 3:30pm PST // 6:30pm PST on NBC, which is channel 4 in NY and CA.


None other than the triple threat, Justin Timberlake himself, is leading the Half Time Show. Also Kelly Clarkson will perform during the Pre Game Show.  It will be played in the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN, and the current temperature is 14 degrees fahrenheit and cloudy.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 6 degree fahrenheit and sunny, which can be blinding the the players but they should be somewhat used to these cold conditions.  It could go down to 3 below zero during the day too, hopefully the players are bundled up and warmed up before they get on the field.  No snow or precipitation in general is in the books which is good, but still cold.


Turns out the Eagles and the Patriots have faced off in the Super Bowl before, where the Patriots won.  Pay back time for the Eagles tomorrow!  All together the Patriots have won five championships, but have been in it 10 times, losing five times. 8 of these appearances happened while Bill Belichick was the coach.  Seems he along with his star quarterback Tom Brady, will try to defeat the Eagles with flying colors.  The head coach for the Eagles is Doug Pederson, and their star quarterback is Carson Wentz is out with a torn ACL, so Nick Foles will be the second up to star and defeat the Patriots if he is focused and determined to win.


Turns out the football team with the most Super Bowl wins is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  After is the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.  Tom Brady has been in the Super Bowl as quarter back 6 times, followed by Jon Elway.  Tom Brady also has the most SuperBowl rings.  He is also married to the famous super model Gisele, and they live in NYC together and seem super happy together, sorry ladies!


Have a great time watching the game and let me know if you are eating and drinking anything fun!  I think we may end up ordering wings and pizza from Papa John’s, because Mama don’t want to cook! 🙂

Peace out y’all!




Best Instagram Profiles to Kick-Start your Sales Job in 2018

Happy 2018 everyone!  Beast mode time for all those in sales positions this January!  So I thought it would be great to share some of the top Instagram profiles to follow to kick-start your day and help keep you motivated!

As a salesperson, doing the same thing day in and day out can become cumbersome, so it is always great to reevaluate your pitch, mindset and end goal before going into the office to get a clear mind before reaching out to new prospects.

Lately I have been cold emailing prospects to get them on a call to learn about my company’s services, and I have found that the shorter the email the more likely the prospect is willing to respond.  We are so inundated with ads online and via email daily, so getting straight to the point in a sentence or two is really a great way to get people’s attention fast, to respond fast.

Below are the top Instagram profiles I am following to keep me on my A++ game:








Overall the force is within you, you just need that extra motivation to get your next sale!  I love the quote ‘only the average are always at their best’ as everyone knows only how sales cycles work and can influence your lifestyle and well being.

I have been in sales now for over 20 years and I know the most successful sales people always have one thing in common, CONFIDENCE!  We all have bad days, but it is good to have that ‘fake it ’til you make it’ attitude where you can even do your best when things are not great.

I have been at many different companies selling different products and lately I have discovered that I get bored pretty easily with what I am selling.  When I think about what a sale is and how it effects the world it makes me feel better.  All sales are really solutions, bettering your current state.  If you do not believe in the product and know that it won’t really help someone or something, then it is a conflict and I suggest moving on.

Only when you are passionate about making a difference in your own lives or others is when you can truly make a sales and not feel guilt, and feel happy about what you are doing on a daily basis.

I would recommend meditating and taking some time to reflect on your goals this year and how you are going to achieve them daily.

We are in a fresh new year so it is time to make your goals clear to yourself and the world and hold yourself accountable to these goals.

Wishing you a fruitful week!







Top Netflix Mystery Series in 2017

It is no secret that post parenting, I enjoy binge watching mysteries on Netflix.  I have to say I am so impressed with the quality of international shows on it, that I am proud to share the top Netflix mysteries and detective stories I watched last year that I know you will love!

Some of them I ended up binge watching, which was not the best idea in hindsight, however they were so captivating it felt like I couldn’t stop!

Here we go:

1.) The Killing

This is a fantastic investigation on several murders that are connected, where homicide detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) investigate to find out the truth.  I literally watched the entire first season in a 12 hour span, back to back, as the cliffhangers were really intense!  Apparently this show was on AMC for some time but was cancelled most likely to poor viewership, however, Netflix did right on picking up this gem as it was golden!  This involves a murdered teenager, the police themselves become suspects, and dirty politics in the police force and the mayor all seem to connect.  It gets pretty bloody at times, so I would keep a big blanket handy nearby so you can jump under it during the scary parts. I will let you do the honors of watching it as it is really one of the best series I have seen in a long time.


2.) BroadChurch

This one is super scary, especially in the beginning, and focuses on a murder of a small boy that is set up to look like he jumped off a cliff.  No spoiler alert here, however there are red flags everywhere in this small water town and everyone seems like they have bloods on their hands.  The actor pair here were especially superb, and the mystery of it all was really engaging, would highly recommend it.  David Tennant & Olivia Colman where an excellent team, as an unconventional pair of detective partners that went above and beyond in bringing to light the truth.  A great weekend warrior series I highly recommend catching!


3.) Wanted

This one was a stellar empowering series, that basically gets two bystanders in for the ride of their life, while they witness first hand a dirty cops handiwork, while simultaneously getting kidnapped by their crew.  This becomes a tale of survival but also a tale of lies and deceit from the police department and how bystanders can become wanted criminals in action.  This was solid, gets a little cheesy here and there, but definitely worth the watch! The series connects two complete strangers, Lola and Chelsea, who see a fatal carjacking while at a bus stop.  The actors Rebecca Gibney (Lola) and Geraldine Hakewell (Chelsea) are suberb. Strangers become bestest of friends throughout the series, which is a cool path to follow as you watch.


4.) The Five

A boy named Jesse, who went missing over 20 years ago, finds his case at the forefront of a current investigation where his DNA is found at a crime scene and the detectives are stumped.  This goes into the personal faults of all the characters as everyone is a suspect, but no one can pinpoint the solution to the case, until one detective gets a good lead.  Would highly recommend this for your weekday watching as you can watch each episode and take a breather.  Sara Solemani (Pru) really does a great job as the lead heroine, so I would definitely give it a shot!


5.) Paranoid

A female General Practitioner or MD is murdered in broad daylight on a playground with her child and all hell breaks loose.  Detectives try to find out if this was a random act of a crazy man or a deliberated kill to hide medicinal secrets from the public.  A definite must watch this year if you missed it last!

download (1).jpeg

Time to get your favorite back of popcorn ready, along with a nice cold glass of Coke with ice, you are in for some good Netflixing! 🙂


2018 New Year’s Eve Party – Whole30 Appetizers & Drinks

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  Congrats on the end of 2017 and a celebration to the new projects and challenges to come!  I have recently written a blog about my 2018 goals, if you haven’t checked it out yet I would catch it here: 2018 New Year’s Goals

We are staying in on the home front tonight to ring in the New Year with the kids, and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.  I feel really blessed and have had a great, productive year, so my thanks to myself for all my hard work is to kick it at home, relax and chill with my family, surrounding myself with some extra yummy Whole30 treats!

We kept our Christmas lights up but removed the Merry Christmas wreath on the front door to stay festive all day. We may head out for a park trip with the kids but want to keep them on all day to let people know we are cool NYE folks. Even though we are old and not that cool. 😉


I wanted to share a few PARTY TIME non-alcoholic drink ideas as we ring in the New Year tonight! For all these drinks you will need to take a trip to the grocery store and buy the following:


  • 2 packs of Organic Blueberries
  • 12 pack of La Croix Cran Rasberry
  • 2 bottles of Seltzer
  • 2 organic Organic Limes
  • 2 organic Organic Lemons
  • 1 pack of Organic Strawbeeries
  • 1 pack of Organic Raspberries

You can mix and match the seltzer and sparkling water with different combos of fruits, slam that in your fanciest party glass and get to drinking.

As for PARTY TIME Apps, I would suggest a few recipes below:

We plan on grabbing New Year’s Eve hats and horns, maybe even some confetti if I am feeling really ambitious and I know I will be the one picking it up!

I heard Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are co-hosting the Annual New Year’s Eve tonight on CNN, People.com wrote an article about it and it looks like it could be funny.  I really loved the Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper New Year’s Eve that was hosted last year, she is hilarious.  Hoping that this year will be just as funny if not funnier!

I was thinking about dressing us all up in New Year’s Eve gear, but I think by the end of the day I will be too tired to be motivated to get all dressed up.  We will see!

Wishing you and yours a very HEALTHY, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What are your plans tonight?  Doing anything fun?