Staying in the moment is tough. I always find myself future tripping or looking towards the past, which takes me out of the more desirable present moment. Here are 20 little biddy’s to embrace when I am feeling low.

  1. Don’t force, fight, fix, or figure it out, instead give it to the universe to help guide you.
  2. The only way over it, is through it.
  3. Relax, nothing is in our control.
  4. Let go, and let God.
  5. Let the miracles happen.
  6. What needs to be said, needs to be said.
  7. We need to have fun – run through the sprinklers, sing in the shower, swing on the swings, splash in the bathtub.
  8. Leave yourself alone, as Jello forms best when it is left alone and untouched in the refrigerator.
  9. There is no need to judge what you are feeling, as every moment perfectly contains the right mix of beauty, be it fear/trust, vulnerability/being closed, hopeful/hopeless.
  10. Know that everything has had a plan, you just need to trust it.
  11. Understand what is yours to keep and what’s not yours to keep.
  12. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and use humor to lighten up.
  13. Take a break, be it meditation, yoga, a walk, give yourself 5 minutes for you.
  14. Realize that nature has always been there to support you – the sunshine, the birds, the rainbows, the breeze, the ocean spray, it’s all for you.
  15. Allow yourself to have a good day.
  16. Be patient or become one.
  17. Judgement on others makes me guilty.
  18. Gossip is the portal to hell.
  19. Quiet time is okay.
  20. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, but it is worth it.

Treat yourself!

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