Gaming channels seem to be popping up daily these days. Especially with coronavirus making many stay home to quarantine, everyone is gaming more frequently and having tons of fun!

$134.9 billion dollars went spent on video game sales in 2018, and the number continues to grow like wild fire  as games continue to chip into mainstream media.

There are 10 types of gaming and entertainment channels that you could find out there now that are worth checking out today.

1. News Slash Opinion

Abaddon Smith,,, and all are good examples of what is fresh and new in the industry. They help you understand what’s popping off, and what’s fizzling out. Gaming events also fall into this category as E3, ComicCon,

GDC, CES, VidCon, and AnimeCon are all interrelated, overlapping with the news and entertainment verticals.

2. Speed Runners

Mega Dan 29 is a creator that streams classic games and plays other YouTubers to beat his opponent.

3. Collector Channels

Oak City Gamers is a good channel that shows this category, as these are game hoarders that take pride in their pristine gaming collections and continue to build them to their needs.

4. Helpful Game Play Support Channels

Square One Games is a good channel to catch that produces 100% achievement guides or 100% trophy guides for Playstation. These creators provide sound information to help you play games better.

5. Historical Collectors Gaming

If you love to collect figures, statues, accessories or hidden gaming gems, these channels would be perfect for you! They also can show you how to restore consoles and old disks for those into the nostalgia and vintage games.

6. Video Game Reviews

This type of format brings honest opinions of games, showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly. The creators provide super detailed reviews of what is going on in the game, and why it is great or why it sucks.

7. Unboxing

Unpackaging equipment, consoles, tech, figurines, and collectors items is something that gets many viewers excited about buying the product. The power of suggestion is strong here where it motivates future buyers to buy the products too.

8. Chats + Live Streaming

Here opinions are swapped that give tips on picking up new and old video game trends.

9. Gameplay + Playthroughs

Walking viewers through specific parts of the game while playing it is a great way for those to learn how to do it.

10. Comedy

These gaming comedy channels make fun of players, friends, parents, colleagues, neighbors, and more, and have an overarching theme of gaming behind it.

What’s your favorite? Let me know if I missed any in the comments below.

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