Lake Arrowhead is the west coasts best kept secret for family vacationing, while keeping a low profile and pleasant ambience.

Although the road up the mountain can make you a bit dizzy, the trip is well worth the drive.

Below are 15 secret activities you can do while vacationing in Lake Arrowhead.

1. Spa Day at Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa

Book here.

2. Boat Ride with @CaptainCraig

Learn about the celebrities that have mansions along the lake, and enjoy Captain Craig as he tells all the Lake’s secrets along the way. Famous houses include Busgy Segal, Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwartzeneger, Axel Rose, Barry Manilow, Bing Crosby, Michael Eisner, and more. Trip is $80 for an hour, but it’s great to learn more about the lake and see the huge mansions along the popular lake.

3. Bumper Cars at Lollipop Park

This was closed while we were here, but it is a small bumper cars section for kids and looked super fun.

4. Papagayos Mexican Restaurant

We ordered the steak tacos with chips and salsa. Salsa and meat were fresh!

5. Lake Arrowhead Pizza + Deli

Sit on top of the lake with stunning views outside, and order an authentic pizza that is fresh made. We had half pineapple, half pepperoni and it was authentic Italian dough and sauce.

6. McDonald’s

This is a must have especially for hungry kids and picky eaters. We grabbed some breakfast for the kids and walked back to our hotel room with a view to enjoy it.

7. Swimming in the Lake

We swam along the lakes edge in the roped off section as there are some steep drop offs. The fresh water lake was crystal clear and we saw gold specs in the reflection of the water as the sun hit it.

8. Hiking

The mountains are a site to see when you are up at 4,500 feet elevation wise. Be sure to bring a snack and water bottles, and mark the trails as you go to not get lost! There are plenty of paths through the mountains that are kid friendly, just ask the locals.

9. Walk the Lake’s Perimeter

Paved trails along the lake showcase the different marinas, yacht clubs, and slips that hold boats for fishing and other boating activities.

10. Lollipop Park Mini Golf

This was closed during our trip, however it looks like a small friendly course that is kid friendly of course. We will definitely check it out next time we are there.

11. Fancy Drinks + Dinner at the Bin 189

We came for our wedding anniversary with the kids and it was lovely. We had a Caesar salad, Hamburger, and Pepperoni Pizza for the kids. Everything was super clean and fresh, with an impeccable view to match. To top it off the drinks and libations were incredible. We had a spicy watermelon margarita and a pineapple rum punch, what a treat! Treat yourself like a King and Queen with a trip over here.

12. Waterskiing

Aquaholics is the well known boat that brings guests waterskiing up and down the lake.

13. Lake Arrowhead Brew House

They brew beer from the fresh water in the lake, and it is heard to be crisp and delicious.

14. Nature Walk + Animal Crossings

We were lucky to spot a few very friendly chipmunks, or chippies, that were coming up to us ready to eat. It seems both visitors and locals alike feed them so they come right up to you and are very friendly. Bring peanut butter and crackers to feed them if you wish! There are also the 6 geese that swim up and down the lake and they are a majestic site to see.

15. Shopping

We bought some sweatshirts and shirts for the kids that boasted Lake Arrowhead at one of the local shops. We talked to one of the store owners and she had been living at the lake for 50 years. Apparently her daughter had 7 kids too, with two sets of twins! Incredible to meet her, and everyone seemed happy to be there.

Have you been to Lake Arrowhead before? Let me know if you experienced anything else while vacationing here that we forgot!